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Leigh Ledare’s The Task by Steve Macfarlane

At the risk of using a common critical canard: Leigh Ledare’s The Task is “a movie for anyone who” has ever been paralyzed with resentment when told they need to check their privilege—but then, maybe it’s for those whose disabusement has yet to begin.

Nina Canell by CCS Bard
Nina Canell Bomb7

“In a failed system new systems have space to grow.”

The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus

We left on a school day, so Esther wouldn’t see us.

Dave Tompkins’s How to Wreck a Nice Beach: The Vocoder from World War II to Hip-Hop, The Machine Speaks by Douglas Singleton
Dave Tompkins 01

A review of How to Wreck a Nice Beach, a new book that tells the history of that most mysterious of musical instruments, the vocodor.

Excerpt from Lividity by Kim Rosenfield

What agitates our structural batteries in this new ensemble of micro-conversations are your suggestions (with modulations which impose specific needs in the rest of users) is the following progression:

Ellen Harvey
​Ellen Harvey 01

Failure notice. By now we have all received any number of messages with this hyperbolic yet frightening subject line when our e-mails have bounced back.

Tacita Dean by Jeffrey Eugenides
Dean 03 Body

I agree with the French. “Tacita Dean. Formidable!” She is an overpowering force and I cower before her in admiration.

Lawrence Weiner by Marjorie Welish
Weiner Lawrence 01 Bomb 054

Weiner, whose work is currently on view at Beyer Projects, discusses the imperatives of need in language, in life and in getting the job done with the poet Marjorie Welish.

Word Into Image by Marjorie Welish
Barry 01 Body

“I don’t believe in progress in art. Prehistoric art can’t be beat! Sophistication isn’t progress. It’s just that now there’s a realization and an analysis on our part.”

Aesthesipol: Keith Sonnier by Betsy Sussler
Keith Sonnier 02 Bomb 03

Keith Sonnier gets mystical discussing his sound installations and sculptures with Betsy Sussler.

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