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Chess by Michael DeForge
De Forge Mockup Lores 1
Chess by Michael DeForge
De Forge Mockup Lores 1
Bob Mankoff by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Bomb Mankoff Bomb 1

“Humor teaches us that you can be a good person but also have bad thoughts.”

The Wick by Myla Goldberg & Jason Little
119 Goldberg Body

Invisible Love proposes parallels between the work of Marie Curie and Marcel Duchamp as evidence of their potential unrequited love …

The Wick by Dan Perjovschi
Bomb 117 Perjovschi

Dan Perjovschi, drawing 1999–2011, variable dimensions, various techniques.

The New Adventures of Grossmalerman by Guy Richards Smit
112 Smit Body
Popular Prints by Alvaro Barrios
Alvaro Barrios Wick 1

The intention of the Popular Prints created by Colombian artist Alvaro Barrios is to reach—through an artistic act—the largest number of people possible. 

Inching Towards Abstraction: Lauren Redniss by David Goodman
Abstraction1 Body

Lauren Redniss holds tight to details. Her new graphic biography Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout is out now.

The Wick by Matt Madden
Article 5794  Madden  Row 1
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