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Warmer: A Collection of Comics About Climate Change for the Fearful & Hopeful by Matthew Thurber
Warmer 01

Comics have a good chance of surviving ecological disaster. Unlike, for example, blue-chip video art, there may be a place for hand-drawn sequential graphics after floodwaters recede.

Super-Vault by Lee Lai
Leelai 01

Lee Lai is an artist from Melbourne, Australia, currently living in Tio’tia:ke (known as Montreal, Quebec). Her comics and illustrations are part fiction, part memoir, part emotional journalism.

Gender Trouble in Queer Paradise by Tavia Nyong'o
Segade Future St 01

Future St. is set in an America in which homosexuality has triumphed over heterosexuality, cloning has replaced sexual reproduction, and California has seceded from the mainland United States to form the gay male state of “Clonifornia.”

The Red-Shanked Douc Langur by Tammy Nguyen

This visual narrative, arranged into a scroll format for online viewing, is the first chapter of Tammy Nguyen’s fiction Primate City—a duet of artist books that draws upon a 1969 US military intelligence proposal to modernize Danang City.

Just a Few of the Best Comics of 2016 by Chantal McStay
Dome Spread 01

There’s never been a richer time for graphic novels in all their genre-bending permutations: memoirs and literary adaptations, documentaries and short-form collections, histories and abstract pieces.

Graphic Recollections by Chantal McStay
Mcstay Graphic Recollections Bomb 01
James Esber by David Geers
Esber 01

While the art-world pendulum predictably swings back and forth between a taste for abstraction and an embrace of figuration, some artists remain steadfast in their pursuits. Such is the case with James Esber, whose work has long sought to merge these seemingly opposed tendencies.

Aidan Koch by Chantal McStay
Aidan Koch 6 Bomb

“A lot of times I end up turning on the camera on my computer and playing something out, and pausing it and seeing what tonal or emotional nuances are there that I can work with.”

Car Talk by Mary Simpson & Carroll Dunham
Car Talk 01

Hitting the road.

Danielle Dutton & Richard Kraft
Richard Kraft 02

Magpies, comics, paradoxes, and the spirit of disruption.

Here Comes Kitty: A Comic Opera by Richard Kraft
Richard Kraft 01

Amid the cacophony of collage, there is also, here, a baseline of story marching on: again and again the soldiers, the trucks. Isn’t it a natural impulse to want to follow that line? 

A Long Time Gone by George Cochrane
Cochrane 1 Body
Raymond McDaniel by Ben Pease
​Ian Jones Untitled

Raymond McDaniel on the mythology of comic books and the super-hero narrative in his book of poetry Special Powers and Abilities.

Zadie Smith and Chris Ware
Zadie Smith and Chris Ware

Writer Zadie Smith and graphic novelist and illustrator Chris Ware spoke at the New York Public Library on December 11, 2012.

The Death-Ray by Alexander Chee
Daniel Clowes

America is still probably the strangest, funniest, and saddest thing to appear in a Daniel Clowes story, but the hero of his new graphic novel, The Death-Ray, comes close.

The Monster in the Mirror: Daniel Clowes by Alexander Chee
Daniel Clowes

Daniel Clowes, renowned comics artist, talks about his newly reissued The Death-Ray and his distaste for superheroes and wrestling.

The New Adventures of Grossmalerman by Guy Richards Smit
112 Smit Body
R. Crumb’s The Book of Genesis Illustrated by Paul W. Morris
Article 4828 Genesis1

For the last five years, Robert Crumb, the father of underground comix, has been laboring over a graphic retelling of the first book of the Bible. 

The Wick by Matt Madden
Article 5794  Madden  Row 1
Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-Creator Joe Shuster by Shoshana Shmuluvitz
Article 4836  ​Joe Shuster 01

The notion of secret identity is celebrated cross-culturally; worldwide, the entertainment and service industries exploit its implicit escapism, that very human urge to live out something beyond the ordinary, out of the grasp of the everyday. 

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