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Collective Ownership: Matthew Aucoin and Zack Winokur Interviewed by Arya Roshanian
2018 With Care 426 2

The creators of American Modern Opera Company on reinventing classical arts during the pandemic.

Collective Ownership: Matthew Aucoin and Zack Winokur Interviewed by Arya Roshanian
2018 With Care 426 2

The creators of American Modern Opera Company on reinventing classical arts during the pandemic.

We Can’t Wait for Anyone to Tell Our Stories: Angie Cruz Interviewed by Andrea Thome

The writer on her new novel, how Dominicans have shaped New York City’s culture, and creating artistic spaces that are truly liberating.

Lauren Bon and Oscar Tuazon
Img 5108 High

The social practice works of Bon and Tuazon take the form of functional interventions to address and educate about California’s water crisis.

One Poem by She Who Has No Master(s)
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Jason Osder by Pamela Cohn
Let The Fire Burn

Filmmaker Jason Osder discusses his documentaryLet the Fire Burn, an investigation into the 1985 bombing of the MOVE collective in Philadelphia.

Instituto Divorciado by Alex Zafiris
Instituto Divorciado 1

Alex Zafiris meets with Ian Szydlowski of Chilean art collective Instituto Divoriciado to discuss their new multimedia work, Love and Other Hallucinations.

The Still House Model by Fred Paginton
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Based in Brooklyn’s out-of-the-way Red Hook, the Still House Group brings a fresh new perspective on what a collective creative effort should look like.

Jejune Institute and Elsewhere by Christine Lagorio
Article 4819  Jejune Institute

Departing a clandestine appointment in a San Francisco office tower, Jejune Institute inductees puzzle over an encrypted instruction key.

Lugar a Dudas by José Tomás Giraldo
Nascimento/Lovera by Gabriela Rangel
​Nascimento/Lovera​ 01

It is 1998 and The Exorcist is being screened in Caracas. The theater is, in fact, a moving bus; the audience members are young and middle-aged white-collar professionals. 

Art Minus Gallery Personal Abstraction in Sunset Park by Emily Warner
Artminusgallery Body

The artist-run curatorial project HKJB favors art over concept. Their first show “Personal Abstraction” takes art away from a gallery setting and puts it back into a studio, in an effort to change the way we think about viewing and talking about art.

Blake Stimson and Gregory Sholette’s Collectivism After Modernism: The Art of Social Imagination After 1945 by Philip Glahn
Stimson And Sholette

Contrary to some strains of popular belief, collectivism is artmaking not only with many but for many.

Gronk by Marisela Norte
Gronk01 Body

“In a sense, our recent history has been whitewashed; that temporality is in a lot of my work.”

Ant Farm 1968–1978, Berkely Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive by Clark Buckner

In 1972, the art collective known as Ant Farm constructed a time capsule by filling a refrigerator, which they described as the “open door to the American dream,” with such everyday cultural artifacts as candy bars, magazines, fake eyelashes, and a television. 

Three Poems by Faraj Bayraqdar

Translation, like any public act, must be strategic to have any effect. 

Walid Ra’ad by Alan Gilbert
Walid Ra'ad 01

Even though—or perhaps because—it’s such a small country, Lebanon has been swept up in a number of major geopolitical encounters over the past 200 years.

Los Carpinteros by Trinie Dalton
Carpinteros 01 Body

Los Carpinteros are a Cuban trio who create sculptures and large-scale public works all around the world. They have established their reputation as itinerant artists who juggle cultural assumptions by making architectural forms and structures that reflect upon our constructed cityscapes. 

The Alliance Poets by Thomas Bolt

This First Proof contains Thomas Bolt’s selection of work by Alliance Poets Jeffrey Gustavson, Edwin Frank, and Andy McCord for this poetry portfolio.

Gran Fury by Robert Gober
 Gran Fury, New York Crimes, Tuesday, March 28, 1989, four-page newspaper, web offset, each page 22¼ × 15 inches.

Robert Gober talks to anonymous collective Gran Fury about their incendiary art and the task of exposing inequality and hypocrisy in our society.

ABC No Rio by Shelley Leavitt
Abc No Rio

ABC No Rio speaks to Shelley Leavitt on their renegade approach to curating and what it was like to start a gallery/social center in the ’80s Lower East Side.

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