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Canids in Orbit: Kurt Caswell Interviewed by Taylor Larsen
Sputnik Asm

The writer discusses what Laika, the first Soviet space dog, can teach us about companionship and loneliness. 

Christa Wolf’s City of Angels or, The Overcoat of Dr. Freud by ​Larissa Zimberoff
Christa Wolf

Imagine that the place you call home is no more, not just your house or apartment, but the entirety of your surroundings, including ideological ones. What if borders that were once maintained by thick concrete slabs and barbed wire suddenly disappeared?

Mike’s World: Michael Smith and Joshua White (and other collaborators) by Nell McClister
Smith 7 Copy Body

Everywhere you look in Michael Smith’s first midcareer survey—a cacophonous carnival of videos, skits, installations, publications, and drawings—there’s “Mike:” a pasty, caterpillar-browed, small-time entrepreneur with American values and a fondness for JFK.

Péter Nádas by Davis Kovacs
Nadas1 Body

A scholar not only of literature, but of culture, horticulture, and above all the human body and its communications, Nádas presents a picture of temperament and elegance in the great tradition of the European intellectual.

Jerome Charyn by Frederic Tuten
Jerome Charyn 01

Both first-rate novelists, Frederic Tuten and Jerome Charyn grew up in the Bronx, meeting as teenagers at the home of Fay Levine, the Bronx’s own Elizabeth Taylor. The two reminisce after the release of Charyn’s novel The Green Lantern.

Johan Grimonprez’s dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y by Mimi Thompson
Bomb 62 Grimonprez Body

Mimicking the methods of the news media, Johan Grimonprez has created an anxiety-provoking, manipulative, and exhilarating 68-minute film titled dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y.

Mars Bluff by Hilton Caston
​Charles Lahti 01

The week before the atom bomb dropped by accident on Mars Bluff, we’d made Plaster of Paris atoms in science class; with neutrons, protons, and electrons, that circled around on different color mobile strings tied to the overhead fluorescent lights. 

Ian McEwan by Patrick McGrath
Ian McEwan.

Ian McEwan discusses the Cold War, the myth of innocence, and forgetfulness.

Black Moon by Gary Indiana
Artaud1 Body

“The Russians will swallow Europe,” a visiting Californian asseverated at dinner, vigorously masticating a morsel of calamari.

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