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Trajal Harrell’s Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (s) by Richard J. Goldstein
Article 4817  Trajal  Harrell

Trajal Harrell’s recent solo performance at the New Museum was organized as a series of “looks” that collided voguing fashion with postmodern regimes, as its title suggests.

Citta by Maurizio Pellegrin
Pellegrin 001 Body

Mixed media work, titled Citta, by Maurizio Pellegrin. 

Bella Freud by Elizabeth Cannon
Bella Freud 1 Bomb 033

Elizabeth Cannon on the fashion designer great granddaughter of Sigmund Freud, Bella Freud. 

Sally Beers by Elizabeth Cannon
Sally Beers 1 Bomb 31

“I experiment a lot, it’s true. I like to try a lot of things, and repetition is not one of my favorites.”

Sylvia Heisel by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
Heisel 01A Body

“People’s bodies haven’t changed but women’s clothes especially can completely distort.” Sylvia Heisel

Katell le Bourhis by Elizabeth Cannon
239339054 11182015 Lebourhis Katell 01 Bomb 030

 Her style is a hybrid of classic French chic and witty flamboyance. She’s a woman’s woman—passionate and self-invented.

Maureen Connor by Amanda Means
Connor01 Body

“When you really start to think about what your organs look like and what would happen if your skin were ripped off or your chest were opened up and you looked inside, it’s not something you want to identify with, but something you want to distance yourself from.”

Isaac Mizrahi by Elizabeth Cannon
242254407 02132015 Isaac Mizrahi 01 Bomb 029 Sm

“I love a strapless dress that makes you look voluptuous. It’s an art form.”

Isabel Toledo by Elizabeth Cannon
Toledo01 Body

“My clothes are like anybody else’s. If you’re confident, if you know what you’re about, nothing falls wrong—you always look great.”

Carmelo Pomodoro by Elizabeth Cannon
Pomodoro Carmelo 01 Bomb 027

A fashion interview between designer Carmelo Pomodoro and Elizabeth Cannon.

Abbijane by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
Abbijane 1 Body

“There’s nothing more annoying than walking down the street and seeing 4,000 guys with fucking baseball caps on. What do they hide their eyes for? If you look them straight in the eye, they turn their head.”

Raymond Voinquel by Samia Saouma
Voinquel 01 Body

Raymond Voinquel’s cinematic style pushed the envelope of fashion photography. Collaborating with writers and directors, he found a scale to match his vision of style on the big screen.

Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn by David Seidner
Fonssagrives Penn 03 Body

Fashion icon Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn discusses her long artistic career as a dancer, model, photographer, designer, and sculptor.

Everybody Wants Exposure by Duncan Smith
​Marilyn Monroe 001

When photographs are developed the originally white printing paper becomes impressed with the effects of light upon it. 

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