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Sarah Ruden by Eric Banks
Chan Paul 01 Bomb 134

Hippias Minor is such a handy introduction to Socrates as a personality, to this method of argumentation, to the culture of Athens where you have all these hot-shot foreign speakers like Hippias coming in and making the intellectual fermentation even stronger.”

William Katavolos by Deborah Gans
Katavolos 01

William Katavolos’s career as an avant-gardist spans 60 years, culminating in his ongoing research into aquatecture, or liquid architecture. Colleague Deborah Gans places his vision within the trajectory of architectural history.

Kathleen Gilje by Mary Ellen Mark
Gilje 02

Portraiture is about many things: how the subject relates to the photographer or painter, and where the subject’s gaze lies.

Persistence of Vision: After Herakleitos by Sidney Wade

This First Proof contains the poem “Persistence of Vision: After Herakleitos.”

Head of Apollo by Unknown Artists
14 Apollo Body

Early second-century Roman marble sculpture.

Torso of an Ephebos
14 Torso Body

Second century Greco-Roman marble sculpture.

David Salle by Georgia Marsh
Salle 03 Body

David Salle and Georgia Marsh touch upon the lines drawn between pornography and eroticism, penetration and degradation, and the “tender gesture” of drawing.

Nightclub by Nancy Reese
Nancy Reese 001
Fontana by Athos Ongaro
6 Athosongaro Body
Project for Ferdinand IV, King of the Romans by Carlo Rainaldi

Drawings of three temporary sculptures with schemata for fireworks created in 1653 by Carlo Rainaldi.

Part IV of XXLV Seasons by Leslie Schiff
Article 4 1  Shiff 4

Photograph, Part II of XXIV Seasons, by Leslie Schiff.

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