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This is the Last Time I Do a Charity Event by Jim Torok
Torok1000 Body
This is the Last Time I Do a Charity Event by Jim Torok
Torok1000 Body
The Jesus Series by Jim Torok

Fourteen drawings from Jim Torok’s 2013 Jesus series.

Details Inside by T Cooper

The sight of a handsome girl in too tight cut-offs sent the reels in Travis’s slot machine brain scrambling. 

Passing Through by Colin Channer

He was set to leave that evening on a packet boat that had arrived the night before from Cartagena via Port of Spain. Officially, he’d only been recalled, but a secret letter brought him wind of circulated gossip—they were going to defrock him in New York.

Poets of the Levant by Lee Smith

A decade ago, with the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s voyage to the New World, a lively academic debate centered on whether the date should be celebrated, or, for all that the New World’s native inhabitants had suffered, remembered in mourning. 

Debora Silverman’s Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Search for the Sacred Art by Judith Linhares

The artist as romantic outsider has been a staple of the popular imagination for much of the 20th-century. Debora Silverman’s new book, Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Search for Sacred Art puts into context these well known 19th-century artists, while restoring a sense of dignity to their individual pursuits.

Quarantine by Jim Crace
Rilla Askew by Betsy Sussler
Askew 01 Body

Rilla Askew’s first novel, The Mercy Seat, stems from her family’s stories of the migration west to Oklahoma. This novel tracks the legacy of that journey: the violence, the clash of native and European cultures and the pioneers.

Reverend Ethan Acres by David Pagel
​Reverend Ethan Acres

Good old-time religion and edgy, contemporary art make for odd bedfellows, but this unholy alliance thrives in the art and life of Reverend Ethan Acres.

Li-Young Lee by James Lee
Lee 01 Body

What took three nights to write and five years to prepare for, Li-Young Lee’s memoir The Winged Seed: A Remembrance takes poetic thought and language to a whole new level.

Victoria Williams by Josh Kun
Williams01 Body

Singer/songwriter Victoria Williams not only crafts heart-stopping melodies, but can carry a story like a master tale-teller. Here, she talks about her Southern sensibilities, her affinity for dogs, and the divine inspiration behind her music.

Three Poems by George Green

Poem for His Divine Grace, Swami Prabhupada, Founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Nick Cave by Lindzee Smith
Nick Cave Bomb 031 Sm

Bleak balladeer Nick Cave discusses his foray into fiction writing with Lindzee Smith.

The Cross by Felix Morrisseau LeRoy
McDermott and McGough BOMB 14

This is how it happened
Jesus Christ had to die

Young Christ Jesus by David Walter McDermott & Mssrs. McDermott
Bomb 14 Mcdermott Body

Young Christ Jesus, oil on linen, by Mssrs. McDermott and McGough.

Christ in the 21st Century by Gin Taylor
Bomb 9 Taylor 001 Body
The False Fear of the Christians by Celsus
​Carl Apfelschnitt 001

Look, they say, I post myself beside the statue of Zeus or Apollo or whichever god and blaspheme and strike, and in no way does he take revenge on me!

Strange Fire by James Perry Walker
Bomb 5 Strangefire1 Body
My Father Likes It by Miguel Ferrando

Watercolor painting by Miguel Ferrando.

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