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Nanfu Wang by Hao Wu
One Child Nation Still

The two Chinese-born filmmakers reflect on Wang’s new documentary One Child Nation and her unique approach to blending the personal and political.

Nanfu Wang by Hao Wu
One Child Nation Still

The two Chinese-born filmmakers reflect on Wang’s new documentary One Child Nation and her unique approach to blending the personal and political.

The Ecstasy of Time: Reframing the Medium of Knowing by Li Bowen
Ecstasy Of Time1

Translating the human to the digital. 

Virtual Drift: Li Ming Interviewed by Yuan Fuca
Li Ming1

Mediating art, space, and the self on screens.

FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures by Chantal McStay

From a tragic shipwreck to an epic, collective political art project.

Hilla Medalia and Shosh Shlam by Liza Béar

The two filmmakers on their new documentary, Web Junkie, about rehabbing the addicted youth of China.

Unapologetic Portrait by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Still 3  1  Body

Anya Jaremko-Greenwold sits down with director Alison Klayman to discuss Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, her documentary about the Chinese artist and outspoken social activist.

A Short History of the Limited Edition by Tan Lin

What is the family history of a cookbook like The Joy of Cooking?

Joseph Grima’s Instant Asia by Carlos Brillembourg
Instant 1 Copy Body

Just when we thought of Asia as fertile territory for the monumental interventions of a handful of star architects, Joseph Grima features a few projects that let us in on the true nature of the architecture shaping contemporary China, South Korea, and Japan. Although Grima’s methodology, which he calls a “Polaroid of a changing continent,” is fragmentary, the result is holistic. 

Six Paintings by Yun-Fei Ji
148006182 07292015 Yun Fei Ji 01 Bomb 089
Stormy Weather: Yin Tian by Susan Y Chi
Shen Wei Dance Arts by Guy Gallo
Shen Wei Body

As of this writing, only a handful of New Yorkers have entered the delightfully mesmeric world of Shen Wei Dance Arts. As of your reading, the company will have premiered Rites of Spring and Folding at the Lincoln Center Festival.

Zhang Yimou’s Not One Less by Mark Magill
Zhang Yimou

Centered around a 13-year-old substitute teacher in a remote and impoverished rural village, Not One Less delivers an important lesson in worth.

Lost Years by David Marshall Chan

Out there on the road we didn’t have much to do, so when the orange butterflies first appeared to us they were a welcome distraction. 

Li-Young Lee by James Lee
Lee 01 Body

What took three nights to write and five years to prepare for, Li-Young Lee’s memoir The Winged Seed: A Remembrance takes poetic thought and language to a whole new level.

Sigrid Nunez by Kimiko Hahn
Nunez 01 Body

Sigrid Nunez and Kimiko Hahn reflect upon Nunez’s novel A Feather on the Breath of God, discussing the concepts of woman as storyteller, and writing as crochet.

Han Ong by Jessica Hagedorn
Ong 01

Novelist, playwright, and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient Han Ong has a lively discussion with Jessica Hagedorn about the marginalization of artists of color, his childhood in Manila, and his rapid rise to fame.

Chen Kaige by Peggy Chiao & Lawrence Chua
Kaige 01

As a member of the Fifth Generation, Chen Kaige was key in reintroducing Chinese cinema to the world. Here he talks to Lawrence Chua and Peggy Chaio on the set of what was to become his most well-known film, Farewell My Concubine.

Ann Hui by Lawrence Chua
Hui 01 Body

“I don’t feel very much affected by it. Even before Boat People, I got offers to make movies from companies that import films to Taiwan. The companies said they could fix the import regulations. In any case, I could only make one film a year, so it didn’t matter. I’m not losing many offers.” Ann Hui

Zhang Yimou by Lawrence Chua
Yimou 01 Body
Vikram Seth by Ameena Meer
Vikram Seth. © 1990 Aradhana Seth.

Vikram Seth discusses what it means to be an Indian writer, the art of translation, and living in China in the early ’80s.

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