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Village Wen, Fragrant Brook, and Other Vanishing Townships by Yun-Fei Ji
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Reaching June, it had not rained for eight months at Village Wen. The river had long dried out; crops were not growing. On the 13th, it finally rained. Raindrops the size of green mung beans hit the camphor trees by the road, making a sound like popping sesame seeds.

Three Poems by Sally Wen Mao
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In the future, there’s an oracle / where you can search / for where you belong. I ask this engine / and it replies: / do the deleted scenes choke you / up? In the future, I am young / and poor, so I become a webcam girl.

Jia Zhangke by Nicholas Elliott
​Zhao Tao and Zhang Yi

“I don’t see myself as an ambassador of Chinese reality.”

Zhang Yimou’s Not One Less by Mark Magill
Zhang Yimou

Centered around a 13-year-old substitute teacher in a remote and impoverished rural village, Not One Less delivers an important lesson in worth.

Lillian Lee by Lawrence Chua
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Maybe there really isn’t a word like “gender” in Cantonese. But Li Pik Wah (or Lilian Lee as she’s being marketed for the English-speaking world) conveys the artifice and complexity of the construction with the prostitutes, actors, and secret agents who inhabit her abundant screenplays, novels, and columns. 

Zhang Yimou by Lawrence Chua
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