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Labor and Delivery: Carmen Winant Interviewed by Jen Schwarting
Carmen Winant1

Repurposing photographs of childbirth.

Belle Boggs & Mike Scalise
Bogss Scalise Bomb 1

“The perceived aversion to a male-centered illness narrative had to do with antiquated ideas about who should and shouldn’t be vulnerable to a failing body, and what that vulnerability means.”

Janine Antoni’s Within by Scott Turri
Janine Antoni 1

In Janine Antoni’s Within, the interplay of the industrial with the organic acts as a metaphor for the building of a human.

The Giant Baby by Laurie Foos

This First Proof contains the short story, “The Giant Baby,” by Laurie Foos.

Amy Herzog by Carolyn Cantor
Herzog 1 Body

“I went through a period in my twenties when I really resented the pressure to be happy that I felt from my parents and from the world at large, because aspiring to be happy doesn’t always lead to the most interesting life.”

Kasalé by Kettly Mars

That night, Sophonie conceived at the height of the downpour. 

Paulie Is Born by Michael Greenberg
​Alan Scarritt

Dear Reader:

I know there has been much speculation on the strange circumstance of my birth, about which many myths have been told.

The Birth Cave by Susan Friedland
Judith Linhares

Even now blindness does not seem to me an impediment to motherhood.

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