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Hypnotic and Historical Power: Taibach Interviewed by Alex Lau

The anonymous industrial music duo on engaging the ideological minefield of US-Taiwan-China relations.

Hypnotic and Historical Power: Taibach Interviewed by Alex Lau

The anonymous industrial music duo on engaging the ideological minefield of US-Taiwan-China relations.

Another Trial without Witnesses by Zbigniew Bzymek
Proces Gen4 0750 Magda Hueckel

The New York premiere of Krystian Lupa’s The Trial has been cancelled, as promises of funding from Poland disappeared.

Four Memories by Jonas Mekas
Jonas Mekas Dog 01

Disastrous screenings, Nam June Paik’s meeting with Bill Clinton, and time spent as a dog.

Joel Whitney by Rob Spillman
Joel Whitney Bomb 1

“If we know the government is funding the arts or funding journalism, then it behooves us to put structures in place that will allow for them to be fearless.”

Nabil Ayouch by Liza Béar
Ayouch Bomb 06

“There’s rampant hypocrisy in this society—a hypocrisy verging on schizophrenia.”

Andy Fitch by Amaranth Borsuk
Borsuk and Fitch

Feet first, mouth second, thoughts third.

Matthew Barney and Gaspar Noé
Barney 01

“My addiction has to do with performance, with creating a very real situation and then dealing with all the physical problems surrounding it.” —Matthew Barney

Vladimir Sorokin by Katherine Tschemerinsky
Vladimir Sorokin

Vladimir Sorokin on writing, pets, and questions that would make Nabokov ask you to leave the room.

Mohsen Namjoo by Shirin Neshat
Namjoo 01

As a young musician, Mohsen Namjoo first captivated Iranians’ attention with his magnificent album Toranj from 2007.

Thomas Hirschhorn by Abraham Cruzvillegas
Hirschhorn 01

Hirschhorn’s site-specific, hyper-saturated installations enjoy what he calls “wastefulness as a tool or weapon.”

Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-Creator Joe Shuster by Shoshana Shmuluvitz
Article 4836  ​Joe Shuster 01

The notion of secret identity is celebrated cross-culturally; worldwide, the entertainment and service industries exploit its implicit escapism, that very human urge to live out something beyond the ordinary, out of the grasp of the everyday. 

Bomb on the Inside: Blur the Boundaries and Cross Over, Part 2 by David Goodman
Gob 739677 Homepage

The second half of my conversation with Glenn O’Brien, Editorial Director of Interview Magazine. For part one go here.

Theresa Rebeck by Evangeline Morphos
Rebeck 01

Rebeck is busy this fall: “Poor Behavior,” is now in previews at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. Her play “Seminar,” starring Alan Rickman and Lily Rabe, opens on Broadway in November.

Marjane Satrapi’s Peresepolis 2: The Story of Return by Victoria Ludwin
Marjane Satrapi 01 Bomb 089

Marjane Satrapi’s wry and matter-of-fact memoir, Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood(Pantheon Books, 2003), was met with great acclaim throughout Europe, the United States, and the world—everywhere, that is, except her native Iran.

Amos Gitai by Minna Proctor
Gitai 01 Body

With his new film Kippur, eminent Israeli director Amos Gitai plunges into the chaos of war, its exhausting senselessness, its rupture.

Catherine Gund-Saalfield by Kendall Thomas
Saalfield 1 Body

Law Professor Kendall Thomas talks to the director about Hallelujah!, her latest documentary on the controversial performance artist Ron Athey. Thomas and Gund-Saalfield hash out the questions of religion, pain, and pleasure his performances provoke.

Gilles Peress by Carole Kismaric

Gilles Peress, one of the most perspicacious and intrepid eyes in photography, covers the ongoing troubles in Northern Ireland, and the civil wars in Bosnia and Rwanda.

Miloš Forman  by Liza Béar
Bomb 58 Forman1 Body

Director Miloš Forman began making films in Communist Czechoslovakia. He and writer Liza Bear talk about his film, The People vs. Larry Flynt, and censorship in the United States.

bell hooks by Lawrence Chua
Hooks 01 Body

An in-depth interview with “one of America’s most indispensable and independent thinkers,” bell hooks, by BOMB contributing editor Lawrence Chua.

Ira Silverberg and Amy Scholder by Eric Latzky
Silverberg Scholder Bomb 035

“A lot of discoveries can be made within the idea of storytelling by just subverting that whole idea of what has a beginning, a middle, and an end.”

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