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Glenn O’Brien’s Intelligence for Dummies by Jeremy Sigler
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A variety of texts by a writer who fancied himself a power broker.

Glenn O’Brien’s Intelligence for Dummies by Jeremy Sigler
Img 7550 Bw

A variety of texts by a writer who fancied himself a power broker.

Natasha Stagg’s Sleeveless by Eugenie Dalland
Sleeveless Cover

Stagg’s essays, stories, and profiles on art and fashion speak to the new spaces and meanings created by the Internet.

Who Is Michael Jang? Reviewed by Stephen Hilger
Michael Jang The Jangs Study Hall Hires

The artist’s first monograph makes a case for Jang’s place in twentieth-century photography nearly fifty years after he began making pictures…

From the White House to Studio 54: Bob Colacello Interviewed by Jane Ursula Harris
Bob Colacello1

Photographing Andy Warhol’s celebrity circle.

Girlfriend Malaise by J. Jezewska Stevens
Catherine Lacey 01

Satirizing the “late-capitalist late-patriarchy” in Catherine Lacey’s The Answers

The Kardashians by Brienne Walsh, Chelsea Knight & Elise Rasmussen
Kardashians 01

“They own their own image. In a world where image is everything, that’s a very serious kind of ownership.”

Jesse McLean by Pamela Cohn
​Still from Just Like Us

Celebrity, language, and the pull of popular culture.

I Can Give You Anything but Love: A Memoir by Gary Indiana

Things to remember better: Ferd Eggan entered my life in San Francisco in 1969, the year I dropped out of Berkeley. 

Tim Heidecker by Gary Canino
Hw0121 Bynickweidner 1

Tim Heidecker discusses his second soft-rock album with Heidecker and Wood, his online beefs, and blurring the lines between his various public personae.

Neal Medlyn by Rosa Goldensohn
Medlyn Body

Performance artist Neal Medlyn discusses the celebrity public persona, growing up Pentacostal, and his new performance King, running through October 26 at The Kitchen.

Three Poems by Elena Alexander

Minding the Elephants
(03/20/2003 – 12/18/2011)

Like a lion he breaks all my bones …

A Little Brooke of Visions by Jeff Nagy
​Brooke Shields​

Jeff Nagy on Ariana Reines’s translation of Tiqqun’s Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl.

While Michael Lays Dying by Rosemarie Castoro
Phases from the 70s 80s 90s 01

Before I was aware of the news, I just had a good friend for tea, and he helped me bring some pictures out in the light. Little did we know, an unveiling of another kind was happening in California. Once I found out, I was dizzy as I ever was…the dizzy kid hovering over the red plastic record player watching the picture disc—Michael Jackson reclined in his white suit—spinning into oblivion’s blur. As Thriller played, Michael disappeared. As if it’s the only way to find our place again, we tend to never forget where we were during times of shock. Where were you when the news broke about Michael? Rosemarie Castoro’s poem “While Michael Lays Dying” records her sense of place and sense of self all the while the story and identity of Michael Jackson unravels. Gathering the pieces, David Goodman’s synecdochical portrait of Michael Jackson is a taxonomy of shattered masks, evolution, and decay. The death of Michael Jackson was not just a rupture to reality, but also a rupture to fantasy and dream.

– Richard Goldstein

Scoring Warhol’s Screen Tests by Dean Wareham
Lou Reed Warhol

Dean Wareham, of the revered Galaxie 500, Luna, and now Dean & Britta, on curating and scoring 13 Most Beautiful People, a new DVD of Warhol Screen Tests.

Two Poems by Bradford Gray Telford

Kate Moss Queries Her Counselor on The Nature of Love

in that the “Green Group” is facility shorthand for the sex addicts whom everyone feels

Harmony Korine by Richard Bishop
Korine 01 Body

“I want the movie to be a living thing. I like the mistakes. I encourage the actors to go off and improvise and improve upon their characters. I like it when it’s a bit chaotic.”

Three Poems by Alexander Theroux

When Norma walked on screen, a warmth
died out of the sunshine.

Gustaf Sobin’s In Pursuit of a Vanishing Star by Fionn Meade, Victor Pelevin & Bela Tarr

In Pursuit of a Vanishing Star is constructed from stories within stories: a novel about a script of Greta Garbo’s first screenplay.

Spike Jonze’s Being John Malkovich by Nic Roman
Being John Malkovich

Fantasies of escape—from the doldrums, inadequacies, disappointments, alarm clocks, from the inevitability of the daily—take myriad form, most frequently geographical. To the seaside, to the mountains, to the suburbs, to Paris!

An Evening in Paris by Ameena Meer


17 April 1969

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