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Anoka Faruqee and Michelle Grabner
Faruqee Anoka 01

Two artists find a mutual fascination with both the aesthetic qualities of repetition and the mechanical means of reproduction.

Lynda Benglis by Federica Bueti
Lynda Benglis Bomb 01

The eminent artist discusses her materials, “frozen gestures,” and the illusion of form.

Ester Partegàs by Eduardo Abaroa
Partegas Ester 01

Mold-making and photography have an ambiguous relationship to whatever they reproduce. They can deliver the most faithful rendition of a given model, but it is precisely this similarity that makes them extraordinary, unreal.

Julian Hoeber by Jenn Joy
Julian Hoeber 01

Julian Hoeber on film, intertextuality, and his latest piece, Demon Hill, a disorienting optical illusion come to life.

Harold Falckenberg and Peter Weibel’s Paul Thek: Artist’s Artist by Nick Stillman
Article 4827  Thek Fishman

Officially Paul Thek died in 1988, but really he died twice.

Ugo Rondinone: Big Mind Sky by Saul Ostrow
​Ugo Rondinone

For his most recent venture “Big Mind Sky”, the Swiss-born artist Ugo Rondinone packed 12 gargantuan and grotesquely grinning busts—each named after a month—into the cavernous space of Matthew Marks Gallery in New York.

Helga Von Eicken by Cynthia Eardley
203025478 07302015 Helga Von Eicken 01 Bomb 088

The sculptures of Helga von Eicken explore the mysterious inner world of human consciousness, conveying simultaneously presence and absence, memory and change.

Rona Pondick by George Fifield

Perhaps too much has been made of the psychoanalytic content lurking under the surface of Rona Pondick’s simultaneously shadowy and intensely palpable objects. 

Michael Winterbottom by Liza Béar
62 Winterbottom Toc Body

Michael Winterbottom’s Welcome to Sarajevo, a partially fictionalized account of one English journalist’s struggle to save a Bosnian child, captures the moral dilemmas of war reporting.

Abel Ferrara by Liza Béar
Ferrara 01 Body

Midnight—the perfect time to segue from good and evil to The Addiction and back. Abel Ferrara talks about his film while juggling the chaos of pre-production for his following release, The Funeral.

Kiki Smith by Chuck Close
277777053 11032015 Smith Kiki 01 Bomb 049

“I always think the whole history of the world is in your body.”

Lisa Hoke by Betsy Sussler
31 Hoke 1 Body

A portfolio of Lisa Hoke by Betsy Sussler, concerning Hoke’s sculptures.

Maureen Connor by Amanda Means
Connor01 Body

“When you really start to think about what your organs look like and what would happen if your skin were ripped off or your chest were opened up and you looked inside, it’s not something you want to identify with, but something you want to distance yourself from.”

Four Sculptures by Wade Saunders
Wade Saunders 01
Four Sculptures by Wade Saunders
Wade Saunders 01
Two Sculptures by Ruth Vollmer
​Ruth Vollmer 01
Female Acrobats by Tom Otterness
​Tom Otterness 01
Implicate by Richard Miller
​Richard Miller 001
Marie by Julian Schnabel
​Julian Schnabel 001
Conductor by Bryan Hunt
Bomb 6 Hunt 001 Body
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