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Katiana Rangel by Lori Goldston
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Katiana Rangel by Lori Goldston
Pearl Bw2 Tg
Shezad Dawood’s Kalimpong by Sabine Russ

When I arrive in the lobby of Kalimpong’s famed Himalayan Hotel, I move around clumsily and with caution. I’m wary of touching objects left behind by long-gone visitors, and the pop-up ghosts of soldiers, businessmen, and mountaineers startle me.

John Giorno by Verne Dawson
Giorno Interview 01

A pioneer of New York’s downtown scene in the ’60s and ’70s recalls how he found his vocation as a poet.

John Giorno, Poet by Rebecca Waldron & Chris Kraus
John Giorno Feature 01

John Giorno’s influence as a cultural impresario, philanthropist, activist, hero, and éminence grise stretches so widely and across so many generations that one can almost forget that he is primarily a poet.

George Saunders by Sam Lipsyte
George Saunders Bomb 01

Historical analogies between the Civil War period and our own time are plentiful in a conversation about the author’s much-anticipated first novel, Lincoln in the Bardo.

Field Recording by Aki Onda
Aki Onda Bomb 1

Burn, burn offerings… the fire will purify your body and mind…

Robin Coste Lewis by Matthew Sharpe
Robin Coste Lewis Bomb 02

“I don’t accept the idea of my history as tragic.”

Tsai Ming-liang by Gary M. Kramer
Tsai Ming-liang 1

Creation, bathrooms, and Buddhism.

New, Age: Linda Montano by Eliza Swann
Linda Body

Blessed be Catholic performance artist Linda Montano and her life/art. Amen.

Sanford Biggers by Terry Adkins
Sanford Biggers 01

Biggers has three shows this fall: an “introspective” at the Brooklyn Museum, a solo show at SculptureCenter, and an exploration of African diaspora imagery at MASS MoCA. He discusses lineage and American history with fellow artist Terry Adkins.

Burma VJ: Monks In Exile Speak Out About The Saffron Revolution by Liza Béar

Liza Béar interviewed Burmese monks in exile about Burma VJ, a film comprised largely of footage shot by undercover reporters in Burma.

Two Tales Two Cities by Lena Valencia

Lena Valencia reviews Geoff Dyer’s Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi.

Remembering John Giorno
Giorno 01 Body

In memory of poet and contributor John Giorno we revisit this poignant conversation with Marcus Boon.

“People think that when a poem works, it’s because of the lines of a great poet—Baudelaire, T. S. Eliot, Whitman, or whoever—but it’s not so. The lines, when they magically work, are the reflection of your mind. It’s almost like the poet is making a mirror that nobody can see.” John Giorno

Anne Waldman’s In the Room of Never Grieve by Leah Greenstein

Anne Waldman includes in her books chants, cantos, sestinas, haibun and elegies, demonstrating her intellectual and creative range and drawing on her studies of spirituality, mythology, and philosophy.

Marina Abramović by Laurie Anderson
Marina Abramović 01

After nearly 40 years, Marina Abramović’s performances and installations continue to make viewers squirm. Laurie Anderson, an old friend, queries the artist on dreams and Buddhism.

Pat Steir by Anne Waldman
Steir 01 Body

Pat Steir has been at the forefront of American painting for a number of years. She seems ageless. Her role as female literal painter takes on epic proportions

Victor Pelevin by Leo Kropywiansky
Pelevin 01 Body

Dissolution of the totalitarian Soviet regime brought Russia democracy of an imperfect sort. But much of the euphoria of the early nineties has dissipated in the face of new realities.

Patti Smith by Thurston Moore
Patti Smith 01 Bomb 054 Sm

On the road with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and famed chanteuse Patti Smith, in Kerouac’s Lowell, Massachusetts.

Two Poems by Guy Amirthanayagam

Two poems, “To My Autistic Son, Revantha” and “Return to Sri Lanka, 1991” by Guy Amirthanayagam—for the Sri Lankan Poetry portfolio. 

Three Photographs by Kenro Izu
Kenro Izu 01

Three silverprint photographs—Mt. Kineo #2Sekibutsu and Pine-roots #2Still life #15.

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