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Reemergence of a Past: Joanna Hogg Interviewed by Daniella Shreir
The Souvenir 01  By Agatha Nitecka  Courtesy Of A24

The filmmaker speaks about The Souvenir, class, gender, and the autobiographical.

The Rest Is Silence: Magnus Mills’s The Forensic Records Society by Sean Adams
Mills Records Banner

The comic turmoil of the mundane, with musical accompaniment.

“Truth Is Never the Whole Truth” and Other Aphorisms by Muriel Spark
Muriel Spark Banner

February 1 marked the centenary of Muriel Spark’s birth, and we’re celebrating with a selection of the British master’s aphorisms, notes, and observations.

Paul Kingsnorth’s Beast by Tyler Curtis
Paul Kingsnorth 01

The Wake—Paul Kingsnorth’s 2014 debut novel, which chronicles the life of an Anglo-Saxon during the Norman Conquest—has since gained a disturbing resonance with the recent surge and codification of nationalism that is Brexit.

Geoff Dyer by Ryan Chapman
Geoff Dyer Luxor Statues Two Angles

“I’m glad that the work is still proving elusive enough to resist attempts to gather it all up in a critical hamper or net.”

Vivien Goldman by Michael Patrick MacDonald
Goldman Bomb 2

“Dub was my sound because of postcolonial movements. I grew up in it. I bathed in it. I breathed it. So why shouldn’t it be mine?”

William Fowler by Pamela Cohn
John Marbury 1

Restoring, archiving, and exhibiting artists‘ films from the post-punk era.

Magnus Mills by Michael Barron
Magnus Mills 1

As novelist and bus driver, Mills discusses The Maintenance of Headway, vinyl puritans, and the history of England.

Richard Dawson by Cian Nugent
Richard Dawson

On being nothing, looking outward, and the obstinant relevance of that popular art form, song.

D. Nurkse, Part II by Howard Altmann
D Nurkse

In part two of a two part interview, Howard Altmann talks to poet D. Nurkse about his ruthless youth, the astonishing nature of snails, and teaching at Riker’s Island.

D. Nurkse, Part I by Howard Altmann
D Nurkse

In part one of a two part interview, Howard Altmann talks to poet D. Nurkse about growing up in Brooklyn, Oedipal fantasies, and working in a factory.

Children of the Sun by B.C. Edwards
Childrenofthesun Resize Body

B.C. Edwards reviews Max Schaefer’s Children of the Sun which is absolutely not a book about gay British neo-Nazis

Michael Frayn by Marcy Kahan
Frayn01 Body

“One of the things about the theater, and fiction, is that you can play. You can actually investigate situations that don’t exist.”

Julien Temple by Lawrence Chua
Temple Body

“Even if you’re a punk you can have feelings of love and friendship.” Julien Temple

Sam Taylor-Wood by Bruce Ferguson
Taylor Wood Sam 01 Bomb 065

On the crest of the new British invasion, Sam Taylor-Wood’s surprising photographs and films catch their subjects in isolated moments, dramas, arguments. Her work is reminiscent of early Warhol, with an operatic style all her own.

Tibor Fischer’s The Collector Collector by Jenifer Berman
​Tibor Fischer

A storytelling bowl with the selective ability to change size and shape, to grow eight feet high, to repair itself when shattered, to save its unlucky possessor from harm’s way. 

Kula Shaker: Retroculture by Lynn Geller
​Kula Shaker

A friend of mine once conjectured, What if the ’60s weren’t an era, but a place one could still visit?

Graham Swift by Betsy Sussler
Graham Swift

Written in the voices of the residents of Bermondsey, Graham Swift’s Last Orders (Knopf) captures the language of this working class neighborhood on the outskirts of London, just as Carver caught his characters’ mute eloquence, and Faulkner found his locals’ wise, wry humor.

Mike Leigh by Bette Gordon
Leigh 01 Body

Filmmaker and BOMB contributing editor Bette Gordon speaks to acclaimed director Mike Leigh upon the release of his award-winning 1993 film, Naked.

Emma Tennant by Gary Indiana
Untitled 1 Body

When she was 26, Emma Tennant published a novel called The Color of Rain under the pseudonym Catherine Aydy. The name and title were both arrived at by manipulations of a Ouija board.

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