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The Art of McSweeney’s by Paul W. Morris
McSweeneys 01

A compilation of text, photographs, illustrations and diagrams, The Art of McSweeney’sdocuments the history of the unique publisher as it rose from its precarious position as a hawker of rejected stories.

Clive Phillpot by Ashley McNelis
Flat Time House

Expanding the medium of artists’ books.

The Cahiers Series: Center for Writers & Translators, The American University of Paris by Sarah Gerard
Ivan Vladislavić

Translation as visitation. Translating silence, or the inability to translate silence. A word that does not want to be translated. Translation as story. Attempting to translate grief. Translation as unanswered letter to the dead. 

Portfolio by Robert Grenier

Color drawing poems from Robert Grenier’s 16 from r h y m m s, a set of prints published by Marfa Book Co./Impossible Objects in January 2014. 

Elaine Lustig Cohen by Michael Barron
​Alvin Lustig and Elaine Lustig Cohen

Elaine Lustig Cohen on the late Alvin Lustig and the art, and archiving, of the book jacket.

Ulises Carrión’s The Poet’s Tongue
Edschoice Carrion Schraenen

One of Mexico’s most important conceptual artists, Ulises Carrión, is also one of the most overlooked. BOMB Senior Editor Mónica de la Torre is moved to child-speak over poems that might seem gibberish, but are instead Cage-like koans.

dongghab by Sowon Kwon by Moyra Davey
dongghab 01

In paying homage to Ed Ruscha’s Twentysix Gasoline Stations, Sowon Kwon’s book project dongghab suggests a connection between nascent American postmodernism and violence.

Bodega by Rachel Reese
Bodega 1

BOMBlog’s Rachel Reese talks with some of the founders and co-directors of Philadelphia’s Bodega, an artist-run exhibition and performance space in operation since 2010. Together they discuss the Philadelphia art community and Bodega’s role, as well as Bodega’s most recent exhibition Wax Apple.

Portfolio: From Various Music For a While by Elena Berriolo
Elena Berriolo 1

This First Proof contains two pieces by Elena Berriolo, from Various Music For a While.

Lynd Ward’s Six Novels in Woodcuts by Alexis Boehmler
Lynd Ward 01

The Library of America, doing what it does best, offers six of Ward’s groundbreaking woodcut novels from the 1930s in a beautifully printed two-volume set.

Formulas & Flowers from Book of Ruth by Robert Seydel
Ruth Images 2

We were saddened to hear of the sudden passing of poet and artist Robert Seydel. “Formulas & Flowers” from his Book of Ruth, first appeared in the Winter 2010/2011 issue of BOMB and has been reprinted here, with permission from Siglio Press. Visit the author’s page at Siglio Press’s website here to purchase the book.

Wings for Words by Christine Lagorio
Mitsutaka Tanimoto

Christine Lagorio reflects on the peaceful Wings for Words: New Bookworks from Korea and Japan at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

In the Trenches with UDP by Susie DeFord
Letterpress 1 1 Body

Susie DeFord visits the basement of Brooklyn’s Old Can Factory to help sew chapbooks with publishing collective Ugly Duckling Presse.

Booklyn’s ABC Series by Brian McMullen
268971787 05122015 Booklyn 01 Bomb 101

For eight years, the Brooklyn-based arts organization Booklyn has championed what it calls “peoplemade books”: artist books, zines, and other small press.

Harrell Fletcher  by Allan McCollum
Fletcher 02 Body

We generally expect our artists to be more interesting people than those from other walks of life, and we reward them for their special abilities to help the rest of us find complexity of meaning, beauty and even grandeur in the world around us. 

Ida Applebroog by Patricia Spears Jones
Applebroog Ida 01 Bomb 068

Ida Applebroog’s paintings master the secret of psycho-drama: always in the midst of an action, their denouement is left to our imagination and fears. Patricia Spears Jones speaks with the painter about the everyday violence that surrounds pop culture.

From Not-a-Superhero #8, August ’94, issue: Transformed! by Luca Buvoli
Travel Sketchbook by Bill Rice

Watercolor and ink works by Bill Rice from his 1982 Hamburg sketchbook.

To the Consciousness of a Shooting Star by David Rattray & Gérard Charrière
Bomb 18 Rattray1 Body

To the consciousness of a shooting star
A certain orchard on a hillside far

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