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Agnieszka Kurant by Sabine Russ
Agnieszka Kurant 01

Agnieszka Kurant’s interests include various forms of surplus, invisible entities, and the phantoms haunting capitalist production. Some of her projects involve crowdsourcing, others outsourcing to nonhuman species: think colonies of termites.

Four Poems by Tim Griffin


His final play was never performed
during his life, but shortly after

Sarah Michelson by Ralph Lemon
Dover Beach

Sarah Michelson, who has been awarded the 2012 Bucksbaum Award by the Whitney, contemplates, with fellow choreographer Ralph Lemon the gaze and juxtaposition of seasoned dancers with young girls.

Allen Ruppersberg by Cheryl Donegan
Singing Posters

The peripatetic conceptualist (Where’s Al?) talks with artist Cheryl Donegan about Ginsberg’s Howl, the reanimated past, and the overlooked poetry of authorless signage.

Can’t Tell ‘Em Apart at All by Lena Valencia
Simon Warhol 01

The film Warhol:Denied follows Joe Simon’s attempts to get his Andy Warhol self-portrait authenticated, raising questions of authorship and the definition of Art.

Nicanor Parra: The Worst Is Behind by Raúl Zurita
Nicanor Parra 01

The most radical living nonagenarian, Chilean Nicanor Parra has been practicing antipoetry for over half a century. In this essay poet Raúl Zurita releases the detonating force of Parra’s classic text/image artifacts.

Harrell Fletcher  by Allan McCollum
Fletcher 02 Body

We generally expect our artists to be more interesting people than those from other walks of life, and we reward them for their special abilities to help the rest of us find complexity of meaning, beauty and even grandeur in the world around us. 

Walid Ra’ad by Alan Gilbert
Walid Ra'ad 01

Even though—or perhaps because—it’s such a small country, Lebanon has been swept up in a number of major geopolitical encounters over the past 200 years.

Thomas Vinterberg by Maria Mackinney
Vinterberg 01 Body

Danish director Thomas Vinterberg’s film The Celebration resembles Greek tragedy with a twist—influenced by French New Wave and The Godfather, winner of the Jury’s Prize at Cannes, its production was dictated by the neo-manifesto DOGMA 95.

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