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Chilling Artistry: On Mariana Dimópulos’s All My Goodbyes by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright​
All My Goodbyes Cover

A novel about new global citizenship, the absurdities of late capitalism, and the unsettling power of silence. 

Unsettling Objects: On Samanta Schweblin’s Mouthful of Birds by Lincoln Michel
Amber 1

Stories full of weird.

Roque Larraquy’s Comemadre by J.W. McCormack
Comemadre Abedit

Let’s begin with death. “Let’s say that in the course of all human experience, death is pure conjecture: it is, as such, not an experience. And all that which is not an experience is useless to mankind.” The speaker here is Ledesma, one of a cadre of lovelorn, thoroughly chauvinistic doctors up to no good at a sanatorium just outside Buenos Aires.

Lifting Reality onto a Pedestal: Rodrigo Fresán Interviewed by Fran G. Matute
Fresan Banner

The celebrated Argentine novelist on writing about writers, avoiding labels, and why critics shouldn’t write fiction.

Mala Tierra: Lucrecia Martel Interviewed by Steve Macfarlane
Zama 2

The Argentine filmmaker on colonialism, recreating history, and Zama.

The Human Surge by Danielle Burgos
Human Surge 01

Eduardo Williams’s debut feature takes us around the world on an ethnographic tour of labor, leisure, and logins.

After the Massacre by Carlos Fonseca
Hernan Ronsino 01

Staging historical justice in Hernán Ronsino’s Glaxo

Martín Rejtman by Giovanni Marchini Camia
Martín Rejtman 01

“I prefer the film to be independent of myself. If you and your film are the same, then why make films?”

Portfolio by Gabriela Golder

Gabriela Golder’s video project Conversation Piece, 2012.

Operation Massacre by Ellie Robins
Walsh 1 Body

On the evening of June 9, 1956, a group of men gathered in a basement apartment in Buenos Aires to listen to the broadcast of a boxing match.

BOMB Specific by Fredi Casco
Greene 1 1000 Body

“The movement of the crowd edged towards the Avenue Mariscal Lopez where the processions wre passing” (Graham Greene, Travels with my Aunt, p. 217). 

Indeterminate Locations by Chris Cumming

Chris Cumming on Sergio Chejfec’s abstract and sometimes grotesque novel, The Planets.

Damaged Goods: Diamonds in the Rough by Craig Hubert
Invasion  1 Resized Body

Craig Hubert discusses two gems from the 2011 New York Film Festival: Invasion, an Argentine film with a controversial past, and Dreileben, three conjoined horror films from three different directors.

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