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Farthest South by Ethan Rutherford
Farthest South

A post-apocalyptic story about a sea captain who parents alongside a penguin at the arctic center.

LOL at the End of the World: An Interview with Mark Doten by Lincoln Michel​

Tweets, memes, and GIFs tell the story of a Trump-induced apocalypse.

We Are Always Crossing: Alexis Pauline Gumbs by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
Gumbs Banner

The author discusses Black feminist breathing, academia as access point, and writing three books that came from the same decision.

Party Like It’s 2018: Canyon Castator’s Pissing Match by Emma Howcroft
Castator Cesspool

One painter’s apocalypse is another’s surrealist debauch.

Unusual Play: A Conversation with Martin MacInnes by Stephen Sparks
McInnes Banner

The Infinite Ground novelist on detective fiction, Borges, end times, and the impermanence of bodies.

Eleni Sikelianos by Srikanth Reddy
Eleni Sikelianos Bomb 5

“Poetry is contested space, and the battles about what is allowed to go in and stay out are important.”

Michelle Tea by Sara Jaffe
Michelle Tea Bomb 2

“I’m just using language to manipulate the reader into feeling my feelings, or the feelings I hope they feel.”

California, Failed Experiment by J.W. McCormack
Claire Vaye Watkins 1

The title of Claire Vaye Watkins’s first novel, Gold Fame Citrus, names just three of California’s historic exports. It’s a list to which, just for fun, we might add surfing, In-N-Out Burger, health fads, The Doors, cults, and—at least lately—post-apocalyptic novels.

Little Wings by Tobias Carroll
Little Wings 01

“Lil Wayne explains a blade of grass.”

Perry Chen by Gideon Jacobs
Perry Chen 01

“It’s easy to laugh at Y2K now, but what are we laughing at?”

James Ferraro by Catlin Snodgrass
Ferraro Pressphoto 4 Body

James Ferraro discusses DIY aesthetics, apocalyptic visions, and his new album NYC, HELL 3:00 AM.

Postapocallipses: Matt Borruso by Matt Sussman
No Method Body

In continuation of BOMBlogs reprint series of San Francisco’s [2nd floor projects], Matt Sussman writes from a collection of illustrated artworks by Matt Borruso that inspire visions of a post-apocalyptic environment.

A Stroll through Literature by Roberto Bolaño

This First Proof contains an excerpt from A Stroll through Literature, by Roberto Bolaño, translated by Laura Healy. 

Salvation City by B.C. Edwards
Sky Body

Sigrid Nunez’s latest novel examines country and society after the world is decimated by a super-flu. It turns our there aren’t nearly as many zombies as we were lead to believe.

Jelly by Aleš Šteger

Brian Henry translates the darkly whimsical “Jelly,”

Steve Erickson’s Our Ecstatic Days by Robert Polito
Steve Erickson 01 Bomb 091

From “Song of Myself” and Moby Dick to Gravity’s Rainbow and “The Changing Light at Sandover,” scale haunts American literature—the universe (of course), but also the grain of sand. 

Caligari’s Children by Rose Sand & Ann Powell

You find yourself thinking (in Los Angeles)

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