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Two Poems by Kim Bendheim
Kim Bendheim Two Poems

“In her twilight years,” as she calls them, / My second mother languishes.

Plucky Digressions by Jamie Fisher
Penelope Lively 01

Fabulous talkers in Penelope Lively’s The Purple Swamp Hen and Other Stories

Beginnings & Endings by Liza St. James
Elena Passarello 01

A bestiary of human proportions in Elena Passarello’s Animals Strike Curious Poses

Eleni Sikelianos by Srikanth Reddy
Eleni Sikelianos Bomb 5

“Poetry is contested space, and the battles about what is allowed to go in and stay out are important.”

From The Pirate Who Does Not Know the Value of Pi by Eugene Ostashevsky

I am getting so used to this island it’s becoming like second nurture to me.

Laurie Anderson by Gary M. Kramer
Laurie Anderson Bomb 1

“I watched language falling apart.”

Kornél Mundruczó by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Kornel Mundruczo 1

Wild dogs, revolution, and humanism.

A Raven on the Snow by Patricio Pron
Carolyn Salas

That winter the city was full of ravens. 

Tomi Ungerer by Natalie Frank
Tomi Ungerer Fornicon

“It’s so important to make your own little specks of peace around you. It’s a matter of being an idiot.”

Dolan Morgan by J.T. Price
Bioluminescent Organisms

Freedom, negation, and marine zoology.

The Cub by Celia Dovell Bell

Leonard changed lanes without using his blinker, as was his habit. 

The Good Farmer and the Bad Farmer, A Story of Woodchuck by Ted Pelton

Woodchuck was wandering on a path through woods one day when his leg caught in some vines.

Looterbirds by Kameron Bashi
C Newby 1000 Body

Unlike me, our neighbor Joubert didn’t share my fear of visitors. 

Three Poems by Elena Alexander

Minding the Elephants
(03/20/2003 – 12/18/2011)

Like a lion he breaks all my bones …

2 + 2 can = Cake by Anthony Tognazzini

Poet Dean Young on his new collection Bender and making vehicles to another world.

Lucy Winton by April Gornik
Winton 3 Body

Looking at a painting that Lucy Winton had made a few years ago—a strange and colorful assemblage of floating animals that jut, as bas-reliefs, from the board on which they are painted—I asked her about the odd drip coming from the head of a cow floating in the left-hand quadrant.

What I Don’t Know About Animals by Frederic Tuten
Jenny Diski Bomb 116

Except for our pets, we are, as Jenny Diski says in her marvelous new book, “post-domestic,” living without animals in our daily life. 

Project Nim: James Marsh by Zachary Block
Nim Chimsky 1

Human intelligence, behavior, interpersonal relationships and an ape named Nim Chimpsky.

Michael Ballou by William Corwin
Cow On Diner Body

Michael Ballou distrusts traditional art world classifications. His work is practical art; it follows his frank, literal, and can-do attitude of the Midwest, though often at the core of that onion is an idea so fleeting and spontaneous that a long contorted story involving a cast of dozens is the only explanation.

Half-Life by Mark Slouka

There’s a place past breathing, I’ve heard somewhere, discovered by deep-sea divers who swim ten stories down on a lungful of air. 

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