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Milford Graves by Aakash Mittal​
Graves 1 A

The percussionist combines martial arts, herbalism, acupuncture, and technology to concoct a healing potion equal parts ancient tradition and pioneering experimentation.

Richard Barnett’s The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration by Andrew Bourne
Sickrose L0074348

With the landmark publication of De humani corporis fabrica in 1543, Vesalius may have forever linked human anatomy, at least pictorially, with the aesthetics of the sixteenth-century woodcut—its perfect draftsmanship, edifying gore, and rather ham-handed theatricality. 

Mole by Evelyn Hampton
Kaseyj Fourrocks Body

I recently embarrassed myself among savvy friends by showing surprise at the fact that sperm determine the sex of embryos.

Diana Michener by Deborah Eisenberg
Diana Michener 01

The intense dignity of Diana Michener’s photographs allow us to approach—with a minimum of hysteria—the brink on which she has situated her camera. 

Kiki Smith by Chuck Close
277777053 11032015 Smith Kiki 01 Bomb 049

“I always think the whole history of the world is in your body.”

Evening in Paris by John Lindell
John Lindell Bomb 043

Interpretive drawing, Evening in Paris by John Lindell.

Maureen Connor by Amanda Means
Connor01 Body

“When you really start to think about what your organs look like and what would happen if your skin were ripped off or your chest were opened up and you looked inside, it’s not something you want to identify with, but something you want to distance yourself from.”

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