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Hardening by Danielle Sosin

My mother sits on a coral reef, her gray hair undulating around her head, face blank, her eyes like a fish’s…

Hardening by Danielle Sosin

My mother sits on a coral reef, her gray hair undulating around her head, face blank, her eyes like a fish’s…

Life Before Death: John Bruce and Pawel Wojtasik Interviewed by Nicholas Elliott
End Of Life Sarah Grossman

The filmmakers take an unexpected approach to documenting people in the final stage of life.

In a Dark Time the Eye Begins to See: Michelle Memran Interviewed by Alix Lambert
2  Maria Irene Fornes And Filmmaker Michelle Memran In Havana Cuba 2004 Photo By Alison Forbes

The director of The Rest I Make Up reflects on the life and companionship of María Irene Fornés.

Laurie Simmons’s My Art by Judith Hudson
Laurie Simmons 01

Taking cinema’s portrayal of artists personally

Nigel Rolfe by Jeremy Sigler
Mire Fall Body
Wild Before Winter by Romulus Linney
Romulus Linney 01
Martha Wilson: The Liminal Trickster by Lauren Bakst
After Body

Martha Wilson’s solo exhibition, I have become my own worst fear, is up at P.P.O.W. gallery through October 8th. Lauren Bakst delves into the many faces of Martha Wilson, examining their relationships to the passing of time, the embodiment of aging, and the intertwining of the personal and political.

Young@Heart by Ariana Venturi

To be “young at heart” one must ostensibly be old at everything else: old hat, old fashioned, old guard. 

The Portrait by Mary Morris

This First Proof contains The Portrait, an excerpt from The River Queen.

Two Poems by Donald Platt

Elegy in the Rainbow Season

Marie Ponsot by Benjamin Ivry
Ponsot 01 Body

Born in 1921 in Jamaica, Queens, Marie Ponsot published her first book of poems, True Minds(1957), in the legendary City Lights poetry series, which also included Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s A Coney Island of the Mind. I

John Coplans’s A Body by Martin Heiferman
John Coplans 01

In A Body, John Coplans confronts his readers with black-and-white self-portraits of his own 82-year-old frame.

Tobias Schneebaum by Allan Gurganus
Schneebaum01 Body

That far downtown, the Hudson can smell leaf green and has an oceanic glint. Overlooking freshets and container ships, the retired Explorer occupies steep rooms in a building where Thomas Edison invented the rotary telephone.

Two Poems by Deborah Gorlin
Eros by Patrick McGrath

I continued to function, morning surgery, rounds after lunch, evening surgery, on-call at night. It was a cold winter, and Spike was vicious.

Return to Sender by Klaus Kertess
Article 951  Bomb 21  Fuss
Mackinaw by Felice Rosser
​Malcolm Morley 001

Grandfather’s house creaks with ghosts at night. 

Four Poems by Michael Lally

I only wanted to go far, be a star,

Watching You Sleeping by Craig Gholson
Suzanne Harris 001

I’m here. You’re there.

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