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Mathieu Amalric by Liza Béar
Mathieu Amalric 1

The Blue Room, Simenon, and non-linear narrative.

Mathieu Amalric by Liza Béar
Mathieu Amalric 1

The Blue Room, Simenon, and non-linear narrative.

Tesseract by Percival Everett

I will begin with dimensions. As one should. 

Bollywood Duet by Kyle Minor & Dini Parayitam
Himmatwala Body

“Talk to your father.”

“You’re married.”

Distant Cousin by Federico Vegas

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Distant Cousin by Federico Vegas, translated by Lisa Dillman.

Carlos Reygadas’ Silent Light by Lena Valencia
Silent Light 1

Set in a Mennonite community in picturesque Northern Mexico, Silent Light is the story of a conflicted married Mennonite man, Johan (Cornelio Wall Fehr), who is in love with another woman.

Carolyn Cantor by Betsy Sussler
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Edge Theater Company produces unequivocally complex new American plays that bring a provocative mix of dark humor and ardent wit to bear in their exploration of life’s messy contingencies. Carolyn Cantor directed their latest, Orange Flower Water.

Harry Bellefield by Lucio Pozzi

This First Proof contains the story “Harry Bellefield.”

Wong Kar-wai by Liza Béar
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Set in the straitlaced and gossipy Hong Kong of the early ’60s, In the Mood for Love, Wong Kar-wai’s latest masterpiece of suave innuendo stars Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung as two married neighbors who share a contagious secret.

Preservation by Tenaya Darlington

This First Proof contains the story “Preservation.”

Repetition by Leslie Dick


My stepfather’s golden pencil was a present from his mistress. 

Dogleg by Janet Kieffer

Brutus had intense yellow eyes that locked onto yours when he looked at you and cocked his head, but his eyes were closed when he was on the operating table. Joe had the OR nurse cover him with blue sheets and only his feathery, mottled tail stuck out. Joe was operating on his leg.

Use Me by Elissa Schappell

His wife had ice cream cone breasts and was given to fits of crying which she did alone and in the shower. 

Benjamine by Angela Himsel

Benjamin, love beyond loves; my obsession, my object, object of my obsession; oh wordless lust, philosophical disorder.

Family Plots by Martha King

… a vast body of curious beliefs, customs, and story narratives are handed down by tradition from generation to generation, the origin of which is unknown. 

There’s Something Very Male About Me by Dodie Bellamy

September 10, 1990

Dear Bill:

The Indian Giver by Coleman Dowell

Mrs. Merriman sat in her front yard with a bit of embroidery work, chattering pleasantly to herself.

Max’s Notebook by Guy Gallo

Accidental Rain

There was a brief moment once, as we reached the apex of the Manhattan Bridge, when the setting sun pierced the thin opening between rain clouds and horizon, casting the Westward side of Wall Street into a sudden blood orange glow, while the Eastern edges were all still and grey and pounded by black rain.

The Robbery by Deborah Eisenberg
Julian Barnes  by Patrick McGrath
Barnes 01 Body

Julian Barnes was awarded the prestigious Booker Prize for his novel The Sense of an Ending. He spoke with Patrick McGrath in 1987 about sex, Flaubert, and being obsessed with obsessions.

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