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Conceptual Fantasies: On Mark Haber’s Reinhardt’s Garden by Carlos Fonseca
Reinhardt Garden4

A playful take on Latin American expeditions that reveals the contradictory problems therein.

From Thirty Taken by Jesse Ball
Writers on Artists: Thomas Bernhard’s Old Masters by Ed Winstead
David Teniers D  J 008

The use and abuse of art in an imperfect world.

Genre Omnivore: on Dino Buzzati’s Catastrophe by Lincoln Michel
Buzzati Banner

Fabulism and absurdity from an under-appreciated Italian master.

This Rude World by Cypress Marrs
Jen George 01

Jen George’s The Babysitter at Rest tells tales of the absurd expectations of womanhood.

Horizontal Bar by Benjamin Fondane
Benjamin Fondane Bomb 1

A cinepoem—introduced by Leonard Schwartz.

Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days by Amber Power
Beckett Samuel Happy Days 01

Winnie is buried to her neck in scorched earth. A black revolver rests beside her chirping and disembodied head. Willie, her companion, feebly scratches on all fours at the impossible mound that separates them—at one point nearly rolling down its face into an empty abyss below. “Oh,” cries Winnie, “this is a happy day!”

Lisa Dwan by Elianna Kan
Lisa Dwan 01

Finding the hope in the one-woman plays of Samuel Beckett.

Drapes by Barry Yourgrau
​Robin Winters 001

“I need another match,” says the girl.

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