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The Art of Prayer by Ned Sublette
Ned Sublette 01

Ned Sublette discusses the history, art, and artistic religion of Haiti.

Poets of the Levant by Lee Smith

A decade ago, with the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s voyage to the New World, a lively academic debate centered on whether the date should be celebrated, or, for all that the New World’s native inhabitants had suffered, remembered in mourning. 

Fassbinder’s “Despair” by Phillip Lopate

When we admitted we didn’t speak the language, she translated, “Boys, are you German men?”—an odd, shivery question, in that we were both actually Jewish men. 

Joan Murray by Thomas Bolt
Joan Murray Body

If The Yale Younger Poets Anthology did nothing more than return Joan Murray to print, it would be indispensable.

Geoff Dyer’s Out of Sheer Rage: Wrestling with D.H. Lawrence by Jennifer Berman
Geoff Dyer

Hilarious to the point of the sheer ridiculous, and honest to the point of cringing, Dyer describes his vacillation in the minutest of details, aping his indecision with his confessional, near hypnotic prose.

Éduoard Glissant’s The Last of the African Kings and Maryse Condé’s Poetics of Relation by Caryl Phillips
​Maryse Condé

The Last of the African Kings traces the decline of a once noble African family who, under the leadership of “King” Behanzin, had the temerity to oppose French colonial rule and were exiled to distant Martinique in the French Caribbean.

The Yale Younger Poets Anthology: Open to Any American Writer Under Forty by Thomas Bolt

What do John Ashbery, Carolyn Forché, James Agee, Robert Hass, Margaret Walker, James Tate, Olga Broumas, John Hollander, Adrienne Rich, Richard Kenney, W. S. Merwin, David Wojahn, Muriel Rukeyser, Alan Dugan, and James Wright have in common with 77 other poets, good, bad, and outstanding?

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