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There Is Always Anxiety by Masha Tupitsyn
Soh Cover Body

Chris Kraus on the notions of “real life” and freedom in her new novel Summer of Hate.

Leigh Ledare by Chris Kraus
Leigh Ledare 1

Leigh Ledare’s projects involve interpersonal triangulations in which the camera plays a crucial role and all parties, viewers included, are implicated. Upon A.R.T. Press’s publication of a book-length dialogue between him and Rhea Anastas, Ledare revisits recent works with novelist Chris Kraus.

Looking Back on 2014 #2
Vision Blue

Selections by Chris Kraus, Alan Licht, and Kelly Copper.

John Giorno, Poet by Rebecca Waldron & Chris Kraus
John Giorno Feature 01

John Giorno’s influence as a cultural impresario, philanthropist, activist, hero, and éminence grise stretches so widely and across so many generations that one can almost forget that he is primarily a poet.

“To Lie Is to Try”: Two Books on Kathy Acker by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
Kathy Acker By Rick Mcginnis

Chris Kraus and Douglas A. Martin conjure the iconoclastic author.

Paper Clip #19 by Tyler Curtis
Chris Kraus Gravity And Grace 1996

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

Myriam Gurba’s Mean by Lauren LeBlanc
Mean 1

Myriam Gurba’s Mean is the latest in a tear of recent autofiction (including Rachel Cusk’s Transit and Barbara Browning’s The Gift) that employ the genre to showcase the complications of modern women’s lives.

Joseph Keckler by Olivia Laing
Keckler 1

Writer and vocalist Keckler performs impersonations of obscure larger-than-life personalities he meets. In her first novel, Laing impersonates Kathy Acker.

Looking Back on 2017: Literature
Looking Back 2017 Literature

Featuring selections by Justin Taylor, Shelly Oria, Mary Walling Blackburn, Kevin Killian, Barry Schwabsky, John Freeman, and more.

Masha Tupitsyn’s Beauty Talk & Monsters by Jeanine Herman
Beauty Talk

If Art is the sedimented history of human misery, as Adorno said, it can also be the consolation prize for a broken heart. 

Semiotext(e): 28 Pamphlets for the 2014 Whitney Biennial by Corina Copp

We are not all Pierre Guyotat, writing of our capture and interrogation in Algerian solitary in 1962, our words and acts subject to violent retaliation, but maybe we’ve seen our own soul’s bifurcation.

David Rattray: A Recognition by Lynne Tillman, Anney Bonney & Betsy Sussler

Two warm remembrances of the poet David Rattray, who passed away in 1993, and a video of the poet reading his piece “Mr. Peacock.”

Veronica Gonzalez Peña by Erik Morse
​Veronica Gonzalez Peña

Writers Veronica Gonzalez Peña and Erik Morse muse on the recent history of the psychological novel in the post-colonial world.

Epistolary Review: Dodie Bellamy, the buddhist by Jackie Wang
Bellamy Cover Body

Jackie Wang writes a letter to Dodie Bellamy, the author of the buddhist.

The Ecstasy of Influence: Kate Zambreno by Elizabeth Hall
Heroines Body

Kate Zambreno on the careers and marriages of her modernist Heroines.

Looking Back on 2014 #6
Vision Pink

Selections by Mónica de la Torre, Matias Piñeiro, Hannah Holden, Sabine Russ, and Lisa Robertson.

A Psychogeography of Abandonment: An Interview with Sophia Shalmiyev by Cooper Lee Bombardier
64700 Mother Winter Coveranimation

The memoirist on her relationship with motherhood, immigration, and psychogeography.

A Quiet Barometer of What’s Wrong: Nikki Darling Interviewed by Cooper Lee Bombardier
Fade Into You

The novelist on living in liminal spaces, Los Angeles in the `90s, and using Ponyboy as inspiration.

from I’m Very Into You by Kathy Acker & McKenzie Wark
Alphonso Lingis 2 Bomb

Oh will I remember all that you just wrote? Memory slips even more than… what?… gender (is that self? not here)… 

Tina Satter by Katherine Cooper
Hod05 They Bklyn Body

Tina Satter speaks about formalism, her perverse sense of humour and the importance of family drama.

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