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Nick Hornby & Maria Schneider
SEASON 1 | EPISODE #2 | MAY 29, 2020
Author & Composer
Nick Hornby & Maria Schneider

We asked Nick Hornby, author of the memoir Fever Pitch and the novels High Fidelity and About a Boy, who he’d most like to speak with. Without hesitation, he named Grammy-winning composer and jazz orchestra leader Maria Schneider. The pair discuss writing “big stuff,” small towns, childhood fantasies, flailing, building an archive, hang gliding, and finding one’s voice.

Nick Hornby is a novelist, screenwriter, lyricist, and producer. His novel High Fidelity was recently adapted into a show that premiered in February (2020) on Hulu, starring Zoe Kravitz and Jake Lacy. Nick is also a longstanding contributor to The Believer’s monthly column, “Stuff I’ve Been Reading.”

Since 2005, the Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra has performed at festivals and concert halls with over eighty groups in more than thirty countries. Schneider collaborated with David Bowie on his single “Sue (Or In A Season of Crime)” and received a 2016 GRAMMY. Schneider and her orchestra received an additional GRAMMY that year for their project The Thompson Fields. Schneider’s latest project, Data Lords, is set to be available for purchase this year.

Featured music in this episode: "Hang Gliding" by Maria Schneider.

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