BOMB 9 Spring 1984

009 Spring Summer 1984
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Films from the Heartlands of México by Betsy Sussler
Echevarria 01 Body

I am the woman who was born alone/I am the woman who fell alone/I am the woman who waits/I am the woman who seeks/I am the woman who looks inward/I am the woman who looks under the water/I am the sacred swimmer/Because I can swim in greatness.

Pam Yates by Betsy Sussler
Yates 04 Body

“The thing that you have to fear most is repression from government sources. And so in their eyes you must maintain your credibility and your legitimacy.”

First Proof
Two Poems by Daisy Zamora
​June Beer 001

The return will depend on how things are.

Two Poems by Daniel Flores y Ascencio

To Die of Love

A tree
A verse
A dove

Cockenoe by David Rattray
Gianfranco Gorgoni 001

it is
written Cock-e-noe but people say ka-KEE-nee
as in bikini or Eeniweetok

The Hidden Anguish of the Mouseketeers by Gary Indiana
Bomb 9 Brezniski 001 Body

Someone must have traduced Annette Von Funicello, for she awoke one morning in the full effulgence of a migraine to discover two youthful, doltish, “virile looking,” and, unmistakably, police officers, murmuring at a scarcely respectful distance from her canopied bed.

Spring Training by Glenn O'Brien
​Carlos Arias Vicuna 001

I could hear the old man wheezing as he rubbed me down.

Not Many by Isabel de los Ángeles Ruano

                               It doesn’t cost a thing

From “San Francisco Libre” by Isidro Fuentes Castillo
​Hope Sandrow 001

When the wind blows with all its force

Whatever Happens by Jacek Gulla
Komar and Melamid 001

Curiosity’s risks. Have a spark of it in your mind and instantly Manhattan turns into a puzzle, an enormous knot of light, noise, traffic and wind, chance and impossibility, hysteria and economics, of which you are hopelessly the middle point. 

He Watched Me by James Purdy

When at last I saw him  

Three Reels from Guatemala by Janet Rodney

They are
shooting people

Cemetary by Joaquin Pasos

That bored land of the snoring men,

The Following Myth of Romantic Suffering Has to be Done Away With by Kathy Acker
Martha Diamond 01

Writing must be a machine for breaking down, that is, allowing the now uncontrolled and uncontrollable reconstitutions of thoughts and expressions.

Strands by Kimiko Hahn

The key warmed in your hand
and you knew the password

Three Poems by Leonel Rugama
Susan Meiselas 002

& black like the last time

& if it wasn’t you

Three Poems by Margaret Randall
Margaret Randall 001

All you want to do is murder us, those who have survived

To Fernando by Michele Najlis
​Hope Sandrow 001

These poems are addressed to Fernando Gordillo Cervantes.

So You Understand Once and For All by Miguel Huezo Mixco
​Ruth Vollmer 01

Because writing is also being with you

Two Poems by Otto René Castillo

My exile was made of cries.

During the Mornings by Raquel Melendez
​Hope Sandrow 001

During the mornings

Deudas (Doubts) by Reina Maria Rodriguez

Today I’d like to write about what I need—

Five Poems by Roque Dalton

El Salvador will be a beautiful

8 by Roberto Obregon

For me there is death each instant

Enigmatic Salts by Roberto Sosa
​James Nares 001

The Generals buy, interpret and dispense

Estare aqui (I will be here) by Rene Castilla R.
​Hope Sandrow 001

I never told you
I want you.

Five Poems by Rosario Murillo
To Roosevelt by Rubén Darío
​Tom Otterness 01
Three Poems by Vidaluz Meneses
Margaret Randall 001

The new skirt, the vague gesture

Acceptance Speech by Julio Cortázar
​Susan Meiselas 004

Revolutionary culture to me resembles a flock of birds flying under the open sky;

Dark Love by Aaron Zuckerman

It reached
higher than spire and gyre
it inhaled sky
with the third eye

Two Poems by Ana Ilce
​Ira Richer 001

When I saw the tremulous hand above the trees

Two Poems by April Bernard

“May you live in interesting times”—Chinese curse

In the High Ceiling of Stars by Bradford Morrow

The white moon acted as cynosure. Angstrom lay awake in his bed, situated directly beneath its transparency.

Not Only the Smile Was Seen: Caprice by Carlos Martinez Rivas
Lan Payne 001

During the short time I had

Laments in Space by Clementina Suárez
Ruth Vollmer 02

At a distance the wind roars. Your head in my lap.

Warriors Have Funny Heads by Francesc Torres
Bomb 9 Torres 001 Body
Untitled Photograph by Gianfranco Gorgoni
Bomb 9 Gorgoni 001 Body
Christ in the 21st Century by Gin Taylor
Bomb 9 Taylor 001 Body
Escena Campestre by Hilda Vogl
Bomb 9 Vogl 001 Body
Palm Sunday, Century City | L.A. by Hope Sandrow
​Hope Sandrow 001
Red Mask by Hunt Slonem
​Hunt Slonem 001
Jack by Ira Richer
9 Richer 2 Body
Completion of the Circle by Italo Scanga
9 Scanga Body
Open (Entrance/Exit) #2 by James Ford
Bomb 9 Ford 001 Body
Montezuma by James Nares
​James Nares 001
Seated Woman by James Perry Walker
209428305 01132016 Walker Jamesperry 01 Bomb 09
Three Photographs by Jean-Marie Simon
245378418 01132016 Simon Jeanmarie 01 Bomb 09
Untitled Drawing by Jim Kopp
Bomb 9 Kopp 001 Body
Elios Bailan by June Beer
​June Beer 001
Blind Man’s Bluff by Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid
Komar and Melamid 001
Keon by Lan Payne
Bomb 9 Payne 001 Body
The Long Prayer I, II by Lee Quinones
Bomb 9 Les Quinones 001 Body
Ancestor by Luis Frangella
Bomb 9 Frangella 001 Body
Ranas by Maka
Bomb 9 Ranas 001 Body
Two Photographs by Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Bomb 9 Bravo 001 Body
Two Paintings by Martha Diamond
Martha Diamond 01
Nkrigom by Nick Ghiz
Untitled Painting by Pam Wye
Bomb 9 Wye 001 Body
San Pedro Lake, Atitlán Guatemala by Phyllis Galembo
Bomb 9 Galembo 001 Body
Death Flaunts Its Lover by Richard Hoffmann
Bomb 9 Hoffman 001 Body
Untitled Photograph by Amanda Means
Bomb 9 Means 001 Body
Protection en la Tormenta by Carlos Arias Vicuna
​Carlos Arias Vicuna 001
Macho Raton con Paisajes by Carlos Montenegro
Bomb 9 Montenegro 001 Body
Woyzek by Edward Brezinski
Bomb 9 Brezniski 001 Body
The Mad Sea Captain Charts a Course Up the Amazon by Richard Mock
Bomb 9 Mock 001 Body
Two Sculptures by Ruth Vollmer
​Ruth Vollmer 01
Three Photographs by Susan Meiselas
​Susan Meiselas 004
Camellian by Tina Girouard
9 Girouard Body
Female Acrobats by Tom Otterness
​Tom Otterness 01
Sketches by Joe Lewis
Bomb 9 Lewis 001 Body