BOMB 87 Spring 2004

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John Waters by Dennis Cooper

Shirley Jaffe by Shirley Kaneda
Jaffe 01 Body

Shirley Jaffe’s distinctive and eccentric work is difficult to pin down, both in time and style. When I first came across her paintings at the Holly Solomon Gallery in New York in 1988, I had an immediate response to their idiosyncratic quality. 

James Welling by Devon Golden
265271895 08042015 James Welling 01 Bomb 087

In spite of his six-foot-plus height, you might easily overlook James Welling in a crowded room. With his shaggy gray hair and tortoiseshell glasses, he looks every bit the UCLA tenured professor that he is. 

Nuruddin Farah by Kwame Anthony Appiah

I can’t remember where I first met Nuruddin Farah, but it was at some sort of conference. 

Alma Guillermoprieto by Esther Allen
Guillermo01 Body

More than a decade ago now, I came across a book titled Samba, by a woman with a long last name, really a first and last name run together, that I recognized: Guillermo Prieto.

Olu Oguibe by Saul Ostrow
The Mother by Liza Béar
Bomb 87 Mother1 Body
James’ Journey to Jerusalem by Liza Béar
Bomb 87 James1 Body

In his startlingly upbeat feature fiction debut, Ra’anan Alexandrowicz presents a contemporary odyssey through the seamy underbelly of Israeli society.

Howe Gelb by Bill Carter
Article 2647  Gelb 01

Howe Gelb has jet lag. In fact he spends so much time touring and traveling between Europe and his hometown of Tucson that he has taken up residence in his wife’s native Denmark four months a year.

First Proof

Perdido by Gilbert Sorrentino

In 1953, or early 1954, Dan Burke was seeing, as they used to say, Claire Walsh, who was pregnant by another man, a lummox known as “Swede” to his lummox friends. 

Rosario Tijeras by Jorge Franco

Emilio had told me he was going to introduce me to the woman of his life: Rosario. Since he always said the same thing I didn’t believe him that time either. Those days, romance gone bad and some midterm exams had taken me away from the partying we always did together.

Get Well Soon by Constance Christopher
Stormy Weather: Yin Tian by Susan Y Chi
Matilda’s Garden by Jimmy Santiago Baca

The day after they were married, Guadalupe drove Matilda in his old flatbed farm truck, rattling down the long potholed and gullied dirt road, and parked in a field his family used for grazing livestock. 

Three Poems by Nagami Atsuko
Three Poems by Alice Rose George

Tell the story of pockmarked Martha,
tall and gawky, feet grounding space,
wing-tipped glasses and flat graying hair,

Artists On Artists

Suzanne Bocanegra by Julia Wolfe

Suzanne Bocanegra and I met recently at a tiny coffee shop to talk about her drawings. I have always loved her work, though I have rarely thought about why.

Michelle Charles by George Negroponte
​Michelle Charles 01

There is a deceptive simplicity to Michelle Charles’s images of medicine bottles, honey jars, bars of soap, and other household objects.

Anne Chu by David Humphrey
Chu 02

Why do we keep looking for vitality in objects? Inert matter is over there, we’re here; we’re alive, it’s not. But collisions do happen and sparks fly.

Amy Myers by Eric Fischl
Myers 01

Amy Myers grew up in a house of science. Physics was the currency of exchange. 

Editor's Choice

Dana Schutz by Stuart Horodner

With her absorption of high and low painting traditions as well as her zany imagination and freedom with the medium, Dana Schutz creates beautiful and thought provoking work.

Karin Waisman by Shirley Kaneda
Karin Waisman Body

Inconsistency, contradiction and the feminization of minimalism are discussed in relation to Karin Waisman’s sculptural work.

City Without a Ghetto, Center for Urban Pedagogy by Carlos Brillembourg
Center For Urban Pedagogy 1 Body

The shortcomings of New York’s Housing Act of 1949 are examined in City without a Ghetto, an exhibition at the Center for Urban Pedagogy.

Bill Morrison’s Decasia: The State of Decay by Eric David Johnson
Morrison 1 Body

Deterioration is a central theme of Decasia, from its dark and somber score to the images themselves, riddled with bubbles and cracks. Nostalgia, existence, transcendence and death all combine to form a beautiful work of film.

Walter K. Lew: Treadwinds: Poems and Intermedia Texts by Patricia Spears Jones

Walter K. Lew’s poetry is lyric and experimental and tackles some pretty heavy subjects, according to Patricia Spears Jones.

Elana Greenfield’s At the Damascus Gate: Short Hallucinations by April Bernard

April Bernard describes the not quite definable nature of poet Elana Greenfield’s work.

Hans Faverey’s Against Forgetting, translated by Francis R. Jones by Matthea Harvey

Francis R. Jones has delicately translated poems of the Dutch poet and psychologist Hans Faverey. His work combines salient imagery and complex wordplay.

Joseph Roth’s Report from a Parisian Paradise: Essays from France, 1925–1939, translated by Michael Hoffman by Esther Allen
566327084 07312015 Report From A Parisian Paradise 01 Bomb 087

The work of Joseph Roth, Parisian writer and journalist of the 1930s, has only recently begun to be translated into English. Poet and translator Michael Hoffman is the source of these translations, which are being met with much acclaim.

Benjamin Weissman’s Headless by Philip Glahn
Weissman 1 Body

Philip Glahn discusses the fables and work of Benjamin Weissman, comparing the writer to Bertolt Brecht and praising his poetic form.

Frances Richard and Anne Waldman
Anne Waldman 1

Poets Anne Waldman and Frances Richard discuss their careers, new work, and life at the forefront of the poetic avant-garde. Or, as Waldman calls it, “the avant-derriere.”

Goodbye Babylon, Various Artists by Mike McGonigal
Artists 1 Body

Goodbye Babylon is a beautifully designed box set of gospel music that combines tracks of well known artists with restored tracks from lesser known artists that appear digitally for the first time.