BOMB 8 Winter 1983

008 Winter Spring 1985
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Taylor Mead by Alf Young
Mead 01

Taylor Mead, Alf Young, and Jon Leon take a trip down memory lane reminiscing on moments of spontaneous naturalism, nude beaches, and being an outsider.

Edouard Roditi by Bradford Morrow
Roditi 01 Body

Edouard Roditi was born in Paris 1910 of American parents. In 1929 he abandoned his studies of the Latin and Greek classics at Oxford and, until 1937, was associated with the Surrealist movement in Paris, as contributor to transition and as partner in Editions du Sagittaire, which published Andre Breton’s Surrealist manifestos and a number of books by Crevel, Desnos and Tzara.

First Proof
Five Poems by Aimé Césaire
Keiko Bonk 02

Undoubtedly it is absurd to hail this thrust in mid-ocean
still standing vertically amidst the clawings of the wind
whose heart triggers with each beat
a true liana delirium.

Two Poems by April Bernard

The cough like oysters in the throat, the light from
the lamp oyster white

In and Out by Bob Perlongo
Futura 2000

The wind blows hard among the pines
Toward the beginning

The Red Cloud by Burt Barr
Arthur Dove Bomb 08

In the early morning in the first light there was a single thin cloud, a long red streak in an all clear sky. 

Monologues for the Stage from “Sounds in the Distance” by David Wojnarowicz

Sometimes when I’m walking through the streets I want my fingernails to grow long and hard so I can make scratches in the sidewalks;

Porcupines and Other Travesties by Emily Listfield

Her needs stick out all over, like a porcupine’s needles, keeping men away. I do not like her. I do not even pity her.

Revolutionary Black Workers by Felice Rosser
Darrel Ellis 01

I can feel the expressway. 

The Children’s Stories by Jane Warrick
Shelley Kaplan

Sarah and I borrowed the kids and the van and drove to the beach.

Skeleton by Jim Jarmusch
​Richard Milani

In an airplane, flying between New York and Lisbon, a relatively young man has a heart attack and dies. 

The Earth is a Satellite of the Moon by Leonel Rugama
​Philip Pocock

Apollo 2 cost more than Apollo 1.
Apollo 1 cost plenty.

Two Stories by Leslie Dick
​Paul Benney

Knife Story

For Christmas, my father gave me a set of four knifes. 

The Birth Cave by Susan Friedland
Judith Linhares

Even now blindness does not seem to me an impediment to motherhood.

Editor's Choice
Shodo by Yoji Shinagawa
​Yoji Shinagawa

I would like to express or explain to you my thoughts and my understanding of the art of shodo, which is calligraphy. 

Maximum Range by Nina Connolly

Drawing by Nina Connolly.

Game Over by Paul Benney

Painting by Paul Benney.

Untitled Drawing by Mimmo Paladino
Imagine by Pat Steir

Drawing by Pat Steir.

Photographic Light Drawing by Philip Pocock

Photograph by Philip Pocock.

Beech Trees in a Stormy Sky by Patricia Tobacco Forrester

Watercolor painting by Patricia Tobacco Forrester.

CIA in Nicaragua by Rebecca Howland

Drawing by Rebecca Howland.

Street Portraits by Rachael Romero

Watercolors Street Portraits; Blood Sisters; Schnookems, NYC; and Herb, NYC by Rachael Romero.

Untitled Painting by Richard Milani
The Magician by Chuck Connelly

Drawing by Chuck Connelly.

Untitled Drawing by Dan Asher

Charcoal drawing by Dan Asher.

Desert Visions by Richard Mock

Three lino cut prints by Richard Mock.

Untitled Drawing by Richard Nabhan

Drawing by Richard Nabhan.

Two Drawings by Darrel Ellis

Family Group at Amityville and The Night My Uncle Went AWOL by Darrel Ellis.

The Go-Between by David Bowes
Praying on the Road by Roberto Juarez

Pastel drawing by Roberto Juarez.

Untitled Painting by David Deutsch

Gouache painting by David Deutsch.

Untitled Drawing by Ross Bleckner

Charcoal drawing by Ross Bleckner.

Bomb by David Kapp

Drawing by David Kapp.

Untitled Painting by David Salle

Watercolor by David Salle.

Marked Down From Nothing by Don Van Vliet

Drawing by Don Van Vliet.

Black Tree by Elizabeth Murray

Drawing by Elizabeth Murray.

Two Paintings by Ellen Phelan

Overcast Dusk: Glassy Lake and Sunset by Ellen Phelan.

Roma by Sabina Mirri

Drawing by Sabina Mirri.

Blonde by Sarah Charlesworth

Cibachrome photograph by Sarah Charlesworth.

Matter Study by Shelley Kaplan

Gouache painting by Shelley Kaplan.

After Willem de Kooning by Sherrie Levine

Drawing by Sherrie Levine.

G.T. by Stephen Lack

Drawing by Stephen Lack.

Persone by Francesco Clemente

Watercolor by Francesco Clemente.

Sculpture in a Room by Steve Wood

Drawing by Steve Wood.

X-Acta Sketch by Futura 2000

X-Acta Sketch, a collage by Futura 2000.

Dr. Agitt Tortured by Sue Coe

Graphite and mixed media piece on paper mounted on canvas, Dr. Agitt Tortured by Sue Coe.

Untitled Drawing by George Peck

Drawing by George Peck.

Untitled Drawing by Susan Rothenberg

Drawing by Susan Rothenberg.

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme by Georgia Marsh

Gouache painting by Georgia Marsh.

Untitled Drawing by William Burroughs

Untitled, marker on cardboard.

Untitled Drawing by Gregory Botts

Ink drawing by Gregory Botts.

The Water Hole series #f1330 by Hazel Usher

Mixed-media piece by Hazel Usher.