BOMB 76 Summer 2001

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Robert Mangold by Shirley Kaneda
Article 2401 31May09Rg  Mangold 01

To look at any painting by Robert Mangold is to see exactly what is there. For over 30 years, his work has been clear and direct. 

Brian Tolle by William R. Kaizen
Tolle01 Body

Brian Tolle is currently a very busy man. He’s been awarded a commission by the Battery Park City Authority to design and oversee the installation of a memorial to the Irish Famine.

Robert Pollard by Mike McGonigal
Pollard01 Body

This 43-year-old ex-schoolteacher and object of hero worship is a beer-drinking, chain-smoking basketball-playing regular dude who happens to be obsessed with experimental and psychedelic pop music.

Carl Phillips by Nick Flynn
Phillips 01 Body

Carl Phillips is the author of five books of poetry, including, most recently, The Tether, a movement of work that goes as deep into the unknown and perhaps ultimately unchartable realms of desire, wanting and mortality as any we are likely to encounter.

Colson Whitehead by Suzan Sheman
Whitehead 01 Body
Kenneth Lonergan by Rachel Kushner
Lonergan01 Body

I wish I could say of the integrity in Kenneth Lonergan’s dramas that all the separate works are like blocks of marble from the same quarry, showing the same veins and faults as the mother rock, but Malcolm Cowley already said it about William Faulkner. 

Guillermo Arriaga by Jose Manuel Prieto
Arriaga 01 Body
Artists on Artists
William Eggleston by Rachel Kushner
Eggleston 02

Often regarded as a Southern artist, William Eggleston does not consider himself as such in any traditional sense of the term.

Inka Essenhigh by Ross Bleckner
Inka Essenhigh 1

Sometimes I see a new artist who is surprising because she brings certain images and qualities to painting. Inka Essenhigh’s images span a range from funky and cartoony to elegant, like science fiction rendered into Ming Dynasty decoration, Chinoise screens, or lacquered bowls. 

Shahzia Sikander by David Hunt
Article 2403  Bomb 76 Siskander1

Sure, the painter Shahzia Sikander, born and raised in Pakistan, manages to flip the script on the whole history of Indian miniatures, but to position her as an artist throwing off the oppressive yoke of male patriarchy, Islamic censorship, or the pervasive Western fantasy of South Asian culture as simply some kind of prohibitive version of Footloose does a disservice to her work.

Thomas Shannon by Mimi Thompson

Thomas Shannon’s floating world has a precision that can be paired with dreams. Using Earth’s gravity as mean point, a kind of beginning, Shannon guides inert materials such as aluminum and wood to release their weight.

Zaha Hadid by Cheryl Kaplan
Hadid 1

If you go to Rome and ask about Zaha Hadid’s plans for the new Centre for Contemporary Arts, people respond, “Yes, she’s got the commission, but will the building be built?” An architect’s worst nightmare? Probably.

First Proof
Our Lady of the Assassins by Fernando Vallejo

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Our Lady of the Assassins.

Harry Bellefield by Lucio Pozzi

This First Proof contains the story “Harry Bellefield.”

Little Rodney by Arthur Bradford

This First Proof contains the story “Little Rodney.”

Three Poems by Nick Flynn

This First Proof contains the poems “Xenophon’s Soldiers,” Melitopoles,” and “Queen (Failed).”

American Children by Joanne Jacobson

This First Proof contains the story “American Children.”

Two Poems by Willie Perdomo

This First Proof contains the poems “See-Saw,” and “Come Back.”

Two Poems by Anna Moschovakis

This First Proof contains the poems “Thought Experiment: The Chinese Room,” and “Thought Experiment: Mary in the Black-and-White Room.”

The Ambassador’s Son by Tom Bissell

This First Proof contains the story “The Ambassador’s Son.”

Two Poems by John Rybicki

This First Proof contains the poems “This Sun,” and “Letter to Bob Hicok.”

Editor's Choice
The Frogs’s Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise by Lynn Geller & Nic Ratner
Frogs 1 Body

The Frogs, who’ve been writing and recording for 20 years, diverge (to some degree) from their basement roots to make an album with slightly more production value.

Glenn O’Brien’s Downtown 81 by David Krasnow

The movies about Downtown are fairy tales. 

Tran Anh Hung’s The Vertical Ray of the Sun by Lawrence Chua
The Vertical Ray of the Sun

Tran Anh Hung’s latest film is filled with love and infidelity, skirting the line between reality and a dreamworld.

Walter Kirn’s Up In The Air by Amy Hempel

During a panel discussion on The Novel some years ago, Allan Gurganus eloquently brought the talk about Big Ideas around to LANGUAGE, saying, memorably, “There are those of us who are still loyal at the level of the sentence.” 

Miguel León-Portilla and Earl Shorris’s In the Language of Kings by Daniel Flores y Ascencio

Miguel León-Portilla teamed up with Earl Shorris to assemble this magnum opus of Mesoamerican literature, and in this task they achieve nothing less than the human and divine.

Adam Phillips’ Promises, Promises by Fionn Meade

Adam Phillips.

Far from the imperium of treatise and consulting room, we dabble in the contingent art of persuasion, the gathering together and trying out of a personal poetics.

Heather McGowan’s Schooling by Frances Richard
Article 5443  Bomb 76  Mc Gowan New

Heather McGowan’s Schooling is a coming-of-age tale with a sensitive, nubile protagonist, the kind of novel described by eager publicists as “luminous.” 

Haruki Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart by William Cohen

Haruki Murakami combines love, pain and the profoundly weird in his novel Sputnik Sweetheart.

Two Seductions by Sheila Kohler
Colette 1 Body

Sheila Kohler profiles newly edited editions of Colette’s The Pure and the Impure and Alberto Moravia’s Boredom.

Jacqueline Humphries: New Paintings by David Hunt

The painter Jacqueline Humphries might find it odd that NBC uses an editing process called the “tease and squeeze”: compressing the closing credits into one-third of the screen, while outtakes and other brief clips of “promotainment” roll on the remaining two-thirds.

Terry Winters, The Anti-Collaboration: A Painter and an Architect by Carlos Brillembourg

While some artists are now using “architectural objects” for their art, some architects are claiming “artistic objects”; Set Diagram, a collaboration between Terry Winters and Rem Koolhaas, attempts to highlight the unique roles of both architecture and painting, while at the same time achieving an integration of the two artistic disciplines.

Up, Bustle and Out’s Master Sessions 1, Calle 23, Havana by Christopher Nicolson

As spring slowly warms to summer, casting off the heaviness of winter, anyone who has patiently endured the nasty weather is entitled to at least one guilty pleasure—a little azúcar to further sweeten the transformation from heavy scarves and smothering hats to bare, brown shoulders, and flip-flops.