BOMB 70 Winter 2000

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Susana Baca by Jaime Manrique
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“The amount of songs and music lost in Peru is incredible. An old musician dies and his tradition dies with him. The worst part is that the youth don’t know about it.”

Rubén Ortiz-Torres by David Pagel
Ruben Ortiz Torres 01

Critic David Pagel describes the work of Rubén Ortiz-Torres as both “phantasmagoric and realistic.” Torres creates images that are overwrought, cliched and fantastic, which also reflect the sociology of border crossing—from both sides of the border.

Adélia Prado by Ellen Doré Watson
Adélia Prado 01

Adélia Prado’s poetry is filled with a reverence for the commonplace—the color yellow, a refrigerator, a rooster, a black umbrella—through which she expresses her divine faith in God. She speaks with her English translator, Ellen Doré Watson.

Claribel Alegría by Daniel Flores y Ascencio
Claribel Alegría 01

Claribel Alegría is one of the foremost poets of Central America. A supporter of the Sandinistas and mentor to the young intellectuals drawn to Managua during that period, she has published over 40 books of poetry, fiction and testimony.

Guillermo Cabrera Infante by Oscar Hijuelos
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A must for readers of literature, Cabrera Infante’s books are a fantastic distillation of a unique and impassioned—quite Cuban—consciousness. 

Ernesto Neto by Bill Arning
Ernesto Neto 01

Ernesto Neto’s art, formal abstraction in the shape of sexy biomorphs, might seem an oxymoron. Curator Bill Arning and the Brazilian artist address the dichotomy of rigorous pleasure.

José Cura by Eduardo Machado

The Argentine tenor José Cura has over 30 roles in his repertory. Not only does his voice receive rave reviews, but Cura can act, too. Playwright Eduardo Machado speaks with the rising star.

Francisco Toledo by George Mead Moore
Francisco Toledo 01

Artist George Moore talks to the grand maestro of Mexican art, Francisco Toledo, about his home state of Oaxaco, his mythical art and the legacy he’s built for his people.

Juan Formell by Silvana Paternostro
226821916 02182015 Juan Formell 01 Bomb 070

A Cuban friend once referred to Juan Formell as being more important for Cubans than Fidel Castro.

Juan Manuel Echavarría  by Calvin Reid​
Juan Echavarría 01

Juan Manuel Echaverría’s art spawned from his love of metaphor and literature. He studied the journals of the New World’s conquistadors and priests. Artist Calvin Reid discusses Colombia’s second apocalypse with the artist.

Mayra Montero by Jose Manuel Prieto
Montero 01

“I’m sure I have suffered much more and experienced much more poverty than many of those who go around today feeling sorry for themselves. But no one has ever heard me complain at conferences, or found these laments in my books. One should be more modest, and less arrogant than that.”

Artists on Artists
Cildo Meireles by Dan Cameron
Meireles 1

Cildo Meireles’s work offers an intensive multisensorial experience that challenges our most fundamental notions of what art can be. 

Graciela Iturbide by Hank Hine
Iturbide Graciela 01 Bomb 070

A garden is a proposition that there might be a difference between the inside and the out, between our little patch and the wide world. Can such a difference be?

Regina Silveira: Moving Perspective by Alexander Gray
Regina Silveira 1

Throughout her career, Brazilian artist Regina Silveira has investigated the tension between movement and spatial perspective. 

Jesús Soto by Saul Anton

Jesús Soto was born in 1923 in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela and studied in Caracas from 1942–1947, where he became familiar with the ideas and work of Victor Vasarely.

José Antonio Hernandez-Diez by Carlos Brillembourg
Hernandez Diez 1

José Antonio Hernandez-Diez poses an inversion of the ordinary, an inversion that makes the viewer complicit in the humor that constructs his artwork.

José Bedia by Grady T. Turner
Jose Bedia 1

José Bedia’s art is as fresh as wet graffiti and as ancient as cave paintings. 

First Proof
Two Poems by Esther G. Belin
Two Poems by María Mercedes Carranza

I will pursue you for centuries upon centuries.

I will dig under every rock and stone And scan every horizon for your shadow.

The Fall of Persepolis by Matilde Daviu
Francisco Toledo by George Mead Moore
Francisco Toledo 01

Artist George Moore talks to the grand maestro of Mexican art, Francisco Toledo, about his home state of Oaxaco, his mythical art and the legacy he’s built for his people.

Three Poems by Humberto Ak’abal

Bats / Bats came out of the half-burnt wood

The Dance of the Hippos by Mempo Giardinelli

Mempo Giardinelli and I read together last year at Harbourfront in Toronto. Giardinelli’s ready humor and warmth belie the ten difficult years he lived in exile from his home, Argentina—especially from his birthplace, Resistencia, in the Chaco.

Two Poems by Blanca Aguiluz de Menjívar
Two Poems by Harold Littlebird
A Feast of Words: Poetry from Meso-America and the American Southwest by Daniel Flores y Ascencio

One of the most fulfilling experiences in life is poetry. Writing is one, reading yet another, translating poetry a whole new experience in the appreciation of poetry and poetic language; that, we know

The High-Priced Assassination of Juan Domingo Perón by Alfredo Bryce Echenique

Alfredo was Peruvian and a painter, and Mario, well, no one ever knew for sure what he was aside from being from El Salvador, dearly loved by all, and a great devotee of good food, among other elements of the good life.

Three Poems by Ofelia Zepeda
Good Friends by Clarice Lispector

We had not been mates for very long. It was only during our last year at school that we really got to know each other well.

Pendulum by Mario Benedetti

The first of his sobs was powerful and easily pierced the four walls covered with pallid garlands. After all, being born has always been important, even though the newborn would only be able to realize that importance much later.

Two Poems by Patroclus Eugene Savino
Letter from the Editor by Betsy Sussler