BOMB 7 Fall 1983

007 Fall 1983
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The Germans on Just About Everything by Hans Fuss
Kipper01 Body

Artists Harry Kipper and Roger Herman argue about art, share stock tips, and discuss the finer points of being German.

Jörg Immendorff by Heidrun Reshöft
Immendorff 01 Body

Heidrun Roshöft conveys the most formative experiences in Jörg Immendorff’s life … from artistic isolation in West Germany, a camaraderie with fellow German artist A. R. Penck, to the development of the Café Deutschland series.

Robin Winters by Betsy Sussler
120048739 10232015 Winters Robin 01 Bomb 007

Artist Robin Winters talks about his assorted odd jobs, his cast of characters, and sets an ultimatum for the American government.

Apropos: Daniel Schmid by Gary Indiana
​Daniel Schmid

The films of Daniel Schmid elaborate the sensual fantasies people call forth to veil reality, a response of desire to exigencies of the social order. 

Lizzie Borden by Betsy Sussler
Borden02 Body

Filmmaker Lizzie Borden imagines a post-revolutionary future in which women of all races band together to overthrow a male-dominated media and government. She discusses the film’s adoption of ’60s counterculture rhetoric and the value of science fiction.

First Proof
The False Fear of the Christians by Celsus
​Carl Apfelschnitt 001

Look, they say, I post myself beside the statue of Zeus or Apollo or whichever god and blaspheme and strike, and in no way does he take revenge on me!

A Young Girl by Hunter Drohojowska
William Leavitt 001

He hooked the nail of his middle finger between his lower teeth and peeled off a sliver. 

Mud Toe The Cannibal by James Purdy
Wolfgang Staehle 001

A songster by the name of Baby Bundy was accustomed to thrill his church and congregation every Sunday and Thursday in New York by singing anthems, solos, and old hymn tunes.

Five Stories by Lisa Blaushild
Mary Woronov 001

On Monday nights I sleep with a murderer. 

One of Milo Challenger’s Stories by Lisa Persky
William Morris 001

This is a story of me and my girlfriend Maxie Vulpine, which is funny in itself (her name, I mean) because she is exactly what the kids in the suburbs call “a fox.”

Nurseries by Melvin Jules Bukiet

Rhymes, riddles—children like these. 

The Hour of the Ungovernable by Michael Covino

Late afternoon and we’re beginning to grow hungry, late autumn and the holiday season, 

Four Poems by Michael Lally

I only wanted to go far, be a star,

Confessions of a Stand-up Comedienne by Veronica Veiss
Veronica Veiss

It’s Dangerfields on a Sunday, “Open Mike,” 2:00 AM, romper room time. 

Missing In Action by Ann Powell
George Condo 001

First I look out the window to check on the

Caligari’s Children by Rose Sand & Ann Powell

You find yourself thinking (in Los Angeles)

Interjections by Antonin Artaud

The title text from “Interjections,” which is composed of 150 pages of texts dictated by Artaud to a secretary who visited him in his room at the asylum in Rodez in 1946.

Cliche City by Becky Johnston
Nancy Reese 001

You are about to enter a story where the characters speak like those in cheap novels and smutty magazines; 

International Youth by Craig Gholson
Jun Sazuki 001

“How long have you been here?”

Two Stories by Dale Herd
William Morris 001

“I’ve dropped 60 at Golden Gate Fields. 

Editor's Choice
Burroughs by Howard Brookner
Bomb 7 Ginsburg 001 Body

This is Wittgenstein: “If we have a prerecorded universe in which everything is prerecorded, then the only thing that is not prerecorded are the prerecordings themselves! If with my cut ups I was attempting to tamper with the original prerecordings, then I think I have succeeded to some modest extent.”

The Loveless by Kathryn Bigelow & Monty Montgomery
Bomb 7 Montgomery 001 Body

The Loveless echoes the exclusively modulated cynicism found in American writers from Chandler to Bukowski with more than a suggestion that people become outlaws long before they commit crimes.”

Three Works by Nancy Reese
Nancy Reese 003
Head of a Girl by Johannes Vermeer
​Johannes Vermeer 001
Il Tango di Capinere by Hella Santarossa
Hella Santarossa 001
Two Sculptures by Jun Sazuki
Jun Sazuki 001
Nature Doesn’t Care by Kiki Smith
Wolfgang Staehle 001
Three Paintings by Mary Woronov
Mary Woronov 001
Nightclub by Nancy Reese
Nancy Reese 001
Plaza by William Leavitt
William Leavitt 001
Untitled Print by William Morris
William Morris 001
In the Light of the Second Coming, Study 4 by Carl Apfelschnitt
​Carl Apfelschnitt 001
Two Sculptures by Christina Thomas
Christina Thomas 001
Two Paintings by George Condo
George Condo 001