BOMB 66 Winter 1999

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Marc Ribot by David Krasnow
Ribot 02 Body

Downtown, no-wave, rock, free-prov guitarist Marc Ribot ventures intrepid into “prosthetic” Cubanismo on his album Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos. David Krasnow asks: “What’s this Jewish guy from Jersey doing playing the son montuno?”

Janine Antoni by Stuart Horodner
Antoni 03

Stuart Horodner speaks with Janine Antoni on the limits of significance, lard, chocolate, and polysomnograph machines in this 1999 interview.

Yayoi Kusama by Grady T. Turner
Kusama1 Body

Until her 1998 retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, artist Yayoi Kusama was one of the art world’s best kept secrets. Her infinity nets, phallic sculptures, and nude performances influenced Cornell, Oldenburg, and Warhol.

Gary Sinise by Scott Elliott
Sinise03 Body

Gary Sinise may have migrated to Hollywood, but it’s not all glitter and confetti for the long-time actor/director. From the trenches of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre to the dazzle of a De Palma blockbuster, Sinise is a straight-up actor’s actor.

Thomas Vinterberg by Maria Mackinney
Vinterberg 01 Body

Danish director Thomas Vinterberg’s film The Celebration resembles Greek tragedy with a twist—influenced by French New Wave and The Godfather, winner of the Jury’s Prize at Cannes, its production was dictated by the neo-manifesto DOGMA 95.

Simon Ortiz and Petuuche Gilbert by Daniel Flores y Ascencio​
Ortiz Gilbert01 Body

Poet Simon Ortiz and Tribal Councilman Petuuche Gilbert on Indian country—the Acoma Pueblo—memory, history, and colonialism.

Jenny Diski by Frederic Tuten

English writer Jenny Diski’s Skating to Antarctica, part memoir, part travelogue, created a critical stir of approval upon its release. What her American audience might not realize is that she’s a prolific novelist.

Michael Cunningham by Justin Spring
Cunningham 01 Body

Novelist Michael Cunningham’s The Hours splices together a day in the lives of three women in a stunning tour de force. The author discusses the incongruities of life and the fluidity of literary influence with writer Justin Spring.

Simon Winchester by Patrick McGrath
Simon Winchester Bomb 066

The author of The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity and The Making of the Oxford English Dictionary, chats with novelist Patrick McGrath about the most famous resident of Broadmoor—Dr. William C. Minor.

Artists on Artists
Janet Zweig by Amanda Means
Janet Zweig Thinking Contest

In Janet Zweig’s kinetic sculpture there are uneasy juxtapositions between the ancient and the modern, the mechanical and the emotional, the playful and the dead serious. 

John Morris by Adam Fuss
John Morris Untitled 1

The art historian Carl Schusler’s vast archives document the decoding of patterns originating in the culture of the Paleolithic.

First Proof
All Sweet Things by Anne Livet
Two Poems by Deborah Gorlin
Geographies of Home by Loida Maritza Peréz
Two Poems by Mark Sullivan
Susie, Kiki, Annie by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge

On its own terms, my project with them developed a gentle

pops by Victor D. LaValle

My father was eating pizza across from me, sucking in cheese and smiling like we were family.

Heart of the Animal by William Tester

Out on Long Island last summer, my wife and her best friend, Elizabeth, took off their swimsuits to swim in the nude. 

Editor's Choice
Larry Clark by David Schulz
Article 5292 66  Larry  Clark
Cream by Calivn Reid
David Ryan’s Crossings by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
66 David Ryan Body

David Ryan’s work reminds one that while most contemporary art works like furniture—its inertia facilitating conversation on almost any topic (except art) that might go on around it—painting has to exceed its literal identity as an object if it is to be more than a critique of itself.

Amnesia by Bruce Bauman
66 Amnesia 2 Body
Bill Evans  by Glenn O'Brien
Robert Earl Keen by Gary Fisketjon

What can I say? Robert Earl Keen played my wedding party last Christmas time—on CD, alas—and inaugurated the prancing with “Gringo Honeymoon,” in which the newlyweds cross over the Rio Grande and encounter a cowboy “running from the DEA.”

Angela Carter’s Shaking a Leg: Journalism and Writings by Minna Proctor

With scant exception, the writing of literary criticism is a balkanized art. 

Ellen Douglas’s Truth: Stories I am Finally Old Enough to Tell by Betsy Sussler
Article 5299 66  Ellen  Douglas

Ellen Douglas’s Truth: Four Stories I Am Finally Old Enough to Tell contains scattered tales and facts gathered from her relatives, and the residents and archives of the author’s community.

The Federal Writer’s Project’s Remembering Slavery by Suzan Sheman

In the early 1930s, shortly after the invention of the portable audio recorder, the Federal Writers’ Project documented the experience of slavery by interviewing those who had lived under it.

Henri Cole’s The Visible Man by Thomas Bolt

I don’t have much to say about Henri Cole’s new collection of poems, The Visible Man, (Knopf) other than: find this book.

Leon Wieseltier by Scott Smith

In his new, luminous book, Kaddish, Leon Wieseltier, literary editor of the New Republic, asks the question: Does an unhappy man know more than a happy man?

John McNaughton’s Condo Painting by Rone Shavers
66 John Mcnaughton 1 Body
Irene Worth and Peter Eyre’s Chère Maître: The Flaubert-Sand Correspondence by Betsy Sussler
66 Irene Worth Peter Eyre Body

Two consummate actors, Irene Worth (three Tonys, three Obies, and two Drama Desk Awards) and Peter Eyre (a classic on the English stage whose New York debut as Polonius in Ralph Fiennes’s Hamlet earned a nomination from the Outer Critics Circle…

Walter Salles’s Central Station by Jenifer Berman
66 Walter Salles Body

Winner of numerous festival awards, including this year’s Sundance World Premiere and the Berlin Festival’s Ecumenical Prize, Walter Salles’s Central Station is set in the director’s native Brazil. 

De La Guarda: Villa Villa by Darrell Larson
Article 5307 66  De  La  Guarda
Ardele Lister’s Conditional Love by Allen Frame
66 Ardele Lister Body
Books to Film by Lawrence Chua
Books To Film 1 Body

Lawrence Chua reviews the then-new film adaptations of two American novels, Russell Banks’ Affliction and Toni Morrison’s Beloved.