BOMB 65 Fall 1998

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Yusef Komunyakaa by Paul Muldoon
Muldoon Komunyakaa Bomb 065

American poet Yusef Komunyakaa and Irish poet Paul Muldoon talk of T. S. Eliot and racism, poetry and music, Native Americans and the self—as a writer and a reader—in a culture that is as global as it is specific.

Ian McKellen by Scott Mendelsohn
Mckellen01 Body

Ian McKellen’s legendary performances have braced audiences for several decades. En route to LA to tackle Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People, Sir Ian McKellen, actor and activist, has a drink with playwright Scott Mendelsohn.

Sam Taylor-Wood by Bruce Ferguson
Taylor Wood Sam 01 Bomb 065

On the crest of the new British invasion, Sam Taylor-Wood’s surprising photographs and films catch their subjects in isolated moments, dramas, arguments. Her work is reminiscent of early Warhol, with an operatic style all her own.

Thomas Nozkowski by Francine Prose

“What is it like to make a painting?” inquires writer Francine Prose. An opaque question laid bare by painter Thomas Nozkowski, who lets us see the machinations of the mystery that can’t be solved.

Alexander Nehamas by David Carrier
Alexander Nehama Bomb 065

According to Alexander Nehamas there is an art to living—it’s found in television, Montaigne and Nietzsche. Fellow philosopher David Carrier challenges Nehamas to explain what he means by the “philosophical life” and how writing fits into it.

Geoffrey O’Brien by Luc Sante
Obrien 01 Body

Geoffrey O’Brien and Luc Sante unearth the subtext that was Times Square in the ’60s, “the round-the-clock festival of junk culture and lyrical sleaze.”

Mark Richard by J.D. Dolan
Richard Mark 01 Bomb 065

Inept con-men, petty smuggler and crippled children people Mark Richard’s stories in his book, Charity. This writer slaps the senses, building worlds both mythical and familiar. J.D. Dolan tracks the life and times of the author.

Artists on Artists
Clifford Ross by Betsy Sussler
CliffordRoss Wave VIII

Clifford Ross’s paintographs appear to be seascapes, sumptuous black and white reflections. They are this and more.

Y.Z. Kami by Goran Tomcic
YZ Kami Untitled

The nature of Y. Z. Kami’s art is poetry, and the nature of poetry is essentially primordial.

Tall Kafka and His Sisters by Cynthia Ozick
Franz Kafka

In contemplating Kafka, there are two surprises to be gotten over. The first is what we might call a “normal” surprise; the second is abnormal and disheartening and momentous.

First Proof
At Night by David Ryan

He sits there and regards the waitress, wondering what she would think if she knew he occasionally followed her home; if she knew about the Window Trick; if she knew how her breath sometimes sped in the dark; how once he touched her sleeping throat and her back arched, or how she then rolled over.

Two Poems by Elisa Albo
Sympathy by Jim Thompson
Under The House by Lynn Freed
F-105 Over Red River by Neal Durando

He landed here last on no business, a Lockheed man in a Boeing town, so that night we parked at the river and watched it because he wanted it that way. 

Rita McBride by Mimi Thompson
212703571 02032015 Rita Mcbride 01 Bomb 065

Using her architectural skills and her knowledge of industrial materials, Rita McBride pushes fine art into the world of politics, questioning the highly programmed experience of art viewing and creating work and catalogues that, in her own words, “don’t fit” in any category.

Morning Exercise by Robert Lopez
Disguise by Sheila Kohler

Fuzzie thinks she was the one who had the idea for the feast, but ever since Fuzzie’ s mother was shut up in a mental home and died in a fire, Fuzzie has been confused.

Leadership by Terese Svoboda

You strike me as a leader, says his father.

The boy turns his face—because the rest of him is being suited—toward his father who is raising buttered toast. What kind of leader?

Two Poems by Tom Sleigh
Editor's Choice
Jane Kaplowitz by Judith Hudson
65 Jane Kaplowitz Body
Kathy O’Dell’s Contract With the Skin: Masochism, Performance Art, and the 1970s by Coco Fusco
Bomb 65 O Dell
Cynthia Lovett by Calvin Reid
65 Cynthia Lovett Body
Amelia Jones’s Body Art/Performing the Subject by Saul Ostrow
65 Amelia Jones Homepage

The production and circulation of representations of the “self” was once considered a provenance of high art, and despite-mass media encroachment it is still contested territory. 

Veda Hille’s Spine by Emily Plemons
65 Veda Hille Body
Lucinda Williams’s Car Wheels on a Gravel Road by Gary Fisketjon
65 Lucinda Williams Body

Once you’ve listened to Lucinda Williams a few hundred times, she begins to seem like the older sister (or girlfriend) you always wanted—tough, traveled, knowing about unknowable things, out there.

Murray Bail’s Eucalyptus by Betsy Sussler
65 Murray Bail Body

Murray Bail’s Eucalyptus spins a people’s history and landscape through fairy tale. In a remote property in New South Wales, Australia, a widower promises his only daughter, a young woman of renowned beauty, to any suitor who can name every species of eucalyptus tree on his sprawling ranch

Yoel Hoffmann’s Bernard, Katschen & The Book of Joseph by Minna Proctor
65 Yoel Hoffmann Body

Supplicating myself to a higher responsibility, I resist that most inadequate critical urge: to quote.

Peter Nádas’s A Book of Memories, translated by Ivan Sanders with Imre Goldstein by Deborah Eisenberg
James Purdy’s Gertrude of Stony Island Avenue by Linda Yablonsky
65 James Purdy Body
Fernando Pessoa by Robert Polito
65 Fernando Pessoa 1 Body

Only a few years ago Fernando Pessoa was all but invisible in English. Now this outsider’s outsider looms as the latest icon of modern poetry.

Roberto Benigni’s Life is Beautiful (La Vitá é Bella) by Minna Proctor
65 Roberto Benigni Body

In an early scene of Life is Beautiful, Guido (Benigni), an assimilated Jew, poses as a Fascist official in order to steal a moment with the woman he loves, and finds himself in the awkward position of having to expostulate on racial superiority to a room full of schoolchildren

Jim Grimsley’s Mr. Universe and Other Plays by Nelson Taylor
65 Jim Grimsley Body

Jim Grimsley is a dark, witty Southern writer. Making no apologies for being tough, Grimsley dives headlong into heated contemporary issues such as religion, family, and same-gender sex.

Tom Butter by Mark Magill
Magill Butter Body
John Maybury’s Love is the Devil by Lawrence Chua
65 John Maybury Body

Falling through the skylight of Francis Bacon’s studio, petty criminal, and thug-about-town George Dyer (Daniel Craig) falls into the arms of his future. 

Fassbinder’s “Despair” by Phillip Lopate

When we admitted we didn’t speak the language, she translated, “Boys, are you German men?”—an odd, shivery question, in that we were both actually Jewish men.