BOMB 64 Summer 1998

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Stellan Skarsgård by Larry Gross
​Stellan Skarsgård 01

Stellan Skarsgård is everywhere, from Breaking the Waves to Good Will Hunting and a tour de force performance in the thriller, Insomnia. Screenwriter Larry Gross charts the course from regional theater in Sweden to the big screen in Hollywood.

Aharon Appelfeld by Thomas Thornton
Aharon Appelfeld

Few fiction writers have captured the painful realities of the Holocaust as well as Israeli writer Aharon Appelfeld. He speaks here of the power of memory, the power of the spirit, and the place of religion and homeland as he has come to know it.

Eric Kraft by Frederic Tuten
Eric Kraft 01

Novelist Frederic Tuten draws out the two Eric Krafts: the writer of The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences & Observations of Peter Leroy, and his alter ego, Peter Leroy.

Richard Powers by Sven Birkerts
Richard Powers

With his novel Gain, Richard Powers turns again to his millennial concerns: the velocity of progress, the intricate correspondence of the private and the historical, the search for the ground of ethics.

Jesús “Chucho” Valdés by Zoë Anglesey

Cuban musician Jesús “Chucho” Valdés grew up listening to the legends: his father Ramon “Bebo” Valdés played with Nat King Cole and Erroll Garner at the famed Tropicana; the pioneers of Afro-Cuban jazz assembled and jammed in their home.

Lou Reed by Tim Nye
​Lou Reed 01

This veteran rocker still has a trick or two up his sleeve. He talks about his Live album, as well as a documentary by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders on his career.

Tracey Moffatt by Coco Fusco
Tracey Moffatt 01

Critics were spinning their wheels about Australian photographer Tracey Moffatt’s work because she hadn’t been talking. Coco Fusco leads Moffatt through a discussion of the madness in the method.

Maurice Berger and Patricia Williams
​Patricia Williams 01

Maurice Berger and Patricia Williams are old friends from very different backgrounds who have been dialoging on race for years. This time we were lucky enough to sit in as they take on the widening gap in America’s race relations.

Artists on Artists
Amy Adler by Linda Yablonsky
64 Adler 01

Amy Adler’s seamless mesh of the conceptual and the personal—intricate, photo-based figure drawing combined with the latest in computer-manipulated photography—has cut her a whole new groove in self-portraiture. 

Charles Hagen by Ann Lauterbach
Charles Hagen 01

Anna’s hair, a flamboyant coiling sheen: irresistible. Ravishing, igniting any vista, any chamber.

First Proof
Two Poems by Brent Hendricks
Ghost Writing by Charlie Smith
Two Poems by Cynthia Atkins
Two Flowers: An Inca Tale by Gabriella De Ferrari
64 Ferrari Homepage

She was born to become one of the chosen ones, to belong to the great class of the Adlacunas. The High Priest selected them himself among the most beautiful girls born in the Inca Empire.

Days and Nights in Manila by Luis Francia

A blue-uniformed security guard on Gandara Street resists the afternoon heat’s seductive call by doing pushups, his legs propped on a chair, his upper torso alternately embracing and pushing away the concrete sidewalk. I

’70s Slight Return from Pink Instrument by Max Blagg & Ralph Gibson
64 Gibson 01

My daughter offered me a hundred
dollars to eat a dead moth

The Bear by Rick Bass
64 Bass Body

As Helen was dying, she dreamed that a man had been spying on her, lusting for her old body. 

Wes Mills
64 Mills 01 Body

In the Platonic cave shadows dance with the visceral world. Making art of the simplest of materials—graphite, pigment, paper, gessoed bard—Mills’s drawings dance with the shadows. 

Yayoi Kusama by Mimi Thompson
64 Kusama 01 Body
Editor's Choice
Inka Essenhigh by Grady T. Turner
64 Inka Essenhigh Body

Inka Essenhigh paints ambiguous figures engaged in mortal battle for sexual supremacy.

Ravi Coltrane’s Moving Pictures by Zoë Anglesey
64 Ravi Coltrane Body

Jazz lovers will no doubt have all kinds of expectations of Ravi Coltrane’s debut recordingMoving Pictures (RCA Victor/BMG Classics), especially if they’ve never heard him play live during the past decade.

Stewart Wallace & Michael Korie’s Harvey Milk by Bruce Bauman
Stewart Wallace Michael Korie

Amidst the questions arising from the debate over what constitutes “Opera,” Stewart Wallace and Michael Korie have supplied their answer with a conjoining of the American cultural id and American myth.

Rolf Belgum’s Driver 23 at New York Underground Film Festival by David Schulz
Rolf Belgum

Driver 23 is RoIf Belgum’s poignant documentary account of Dan Cleveland, heavy metal rock ’n’ roller, modern day Sisyphus.

Lars Von Trier: The Kingdom II by Maria Mackinney
64 Lars Von Trier Body

I drew my first breath at the Kingdom Hospital in Copenhagen. Many years later, my dear 94-year-old great-grandmother drew her last within those same walls, and that same year I spent my 22nd birthday there after my boyfriend had tried to open my inaugural oyster with scissors.

John Lurie: Fishing with John by Glenn O'Brien
64 John Lurie Body

John Lurie is sort of the art equivalent of a heptathlete. A heptathlete is, I think, someone who competes in seven different athletic events, either that or it’s someone who performs feats of strength with their liver. 

Danny Hoch’s Jails, Hospitals, and Hip Hop by Mark Magill
64 Danny Hoch Homepage

Danny Hoch hauled his one-man entourage to the room upstairs at PS122 for a solo performance of Jails, Hospitals, and Hip-Hop.

Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo 66 by Bette Gordon
Vincent Gallo

We all want unconditional love in our lives, but no one wants it more than Vincent Gallo, who plays Billy Brown in his emotionally fraught film Buffalo 66.

Pierre Clastres’s The Chronicles of the Guayaki Indians, translated by Paul Auster by Calvin Reid
Clastres Pierre 01

“Although I have been back to Paraguay several times,” wrote the late French anthropologist Pierre Clastres, “I have never seen the Guayaki Indians again. I have not had the heart to.”

Sara Chin’s Below the Line by Lawrence Chua
64 Sara Chin Homepage
Melanie Rae Thon: First, Body by Suzan Sheman
64 Melanie Rae Thon Body

Melanie Rae Thon’s masterful collection of short stories, is a testament to the struggling voices of runaways, drug addicts, and alcoholics.

Nuruddin Farah’s Secrets by Rone Shavers
64 Nuruddin Farah Body
Glenn O’Brien’s Soapbox, essays, diatribes, homilies and screeds by Betsy Sussler
​Glenn O'Brien

Glenn always felt that to truly understand politics one has to understand the makings of a good party: let loose and get down now and then.

Rubem Fonseca’s Vast Emotions and Imperfect Thoughts translated by Clifford Landers by Minna Proctor
64 Rubem Fonseca Homepage
Éduoard Glissant’s The Last of the African Kings and Maryse Condé’s Poetics of Relation by Caryl Phillips
​Maryse Condé

The Last of the African Kings traces the decline of a once noble African family who, under the leadership of “King” Behanzin, had the temerity to oppose French colonial rule and were exiled to distant Martinique in the French Caribbean.

The Yale Younger Poets Anthology: Open to Any American Writer Under Forty by Thomas Bolt

What do John Ashbery, Carolyn Forché, James Agee, Robert Hass, Margaret Walker, James Tate, Olga Broumas, John Hollander, Adrienne Rich, Richard Kenney, W. S. Merwin, David Wojahn, Muriel Rukeyser, Alan Dugan, and James Wright have in common with 77 other poets, good, bad, and outstanding?

Joan Murray by Thomas Bolt
Joan Murray Body

If The Yale Younger Poets Anthology did nothing more than return Joan Murray to print, it would be indispensable.

Geoff Dyer’s Out of Sheer Rage: Wrestling with D.H. Lawrence by Jenifer Berman
Geoff Dyer

Hilarious to the point of the sheer ridiculous, and honest to the point of cringing, Dyer describes his vacillation in the minutest of details, aping his indecision with his confessional, near hypnotic prose.