BOMB 62 Winter 1998

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Elizabeth Murray by Jessica Hagedorn
Murray 03 Body

Elizabeth Murray and Jessica Hagedorn discuss ordinary objects, domestic novels, and what it means to be feminist.

Kerry James Marshall by Calvin Reid
Marshall Kerry James 01 Bomb 062

For Kerry James Marshall, 1997 was a good year: a MacArthur Fellowship, the Whitney Biennial and Documenta X. He spoke with Calvin Reid about the future of painting. 

Michael Winterbottom by Liza Béar
62 Winterbottom Toc Body

Michael Winterbottom’s Welcome to Sarajevo, a partially fictionalized account of one English journalist’s struggle to save a Bosnian child, captures the moral dilemmas of war reporting.

Wong Kar-wai  by Han Ong
Article 2113  Kar  Wai 01

Wong Kar-wai’s films are kooky, cool and without being sappy, utterly romantic. The enfant terrible of Hong Kong cinema talks with playwright Han Ong about why he puts in what others leave out.

Anthony Hecht by Daniel Anderson
Hecht 01 Body

In Flight Among the Tombs, Pulitzer Prize-winner Anthony Hecht assumes the voice of Death—as a society lady, a Mexican revolutionary, a film director, and, of course, a poet. Daniel Anderson and Philip Stephens survey thirty years of Hecht’s poetry.

Olu Dara by Tracie Morris
Olu Dara 01 Bomb 062

From the Okra Orchestra’s fast and funky sounds to his first album, In The World, this Mississippi trickster serves his music HOT. Rhythm and blues to theater and be-bop, Olu Dara is always the ultimate storyteller

Martin Sherman by Sander Hicks
Sherman Martin 01 Bomb 062

Martin Sherman’s Bent played on Broadway in 1979. Since then, the playwright had been living in London. In 1998, with A Madhouse in Goa and the film version of Bent, Sherman returned to the States with a vengeance.

Philip Kan Gotanda by David Henry Hwang
Gotanda 02 Body

Playwrights Philip Kan Gotanda and David Henry Hwang (M. Butterfly) compare notes on the East/West conflict, the Third World Movement, and Gotanda’s play, Ballad of Yachiyo.

Artists on Artists
When Words Fail by David Clarkson
Bomb 62 Pearson1

Though he has lived in New York for over a decade, Bruce Pearson’s recent paintings are still marked by the psychedelic aesthetic that he absorbed while growing up in San Francisco. 

Jason Rhoades by Saul Ostrow
Bomb 62 Rhoades1

Jason Rhoades’s installations can be likened to a yard sale organized according to the principles of free association and stream of consciousness. 

Matt Damon: Good Will Hunting by Mark Magill
Damon 1 Body

Damon and Affleck star in the film together with Robin Williams and Minnie Driver, with Damon giving a first-rate performance in the title role of Will, an exceedingly bright and troubled guy from the wrong side of the tracks, the tracks in this case being Boston’s South Side.

Carl Palazzolo: A Personal History of Italian Film by Betsy Sussler
palazzolo 01

The icons of our affair with Italian cinema, from La Dolce Vita to L’Avventura, become the painted matter, stilled and contemplative, of Palazzolo’s new body of work. 

First Proof
Randy Bradley by Jake Bohstedt

This article is only available in print.

Two Poems by Laura Mullen

One sleeps, / The other walks back and forth.

Dump by Padgett Powell

Wife, child gone, phone-tree confirmation, 1-800-FAM-GONE. I shall eat this pork chop and wine. Breakfast of chop and wine, blue wine pink chop, sweep the floor, clean house. Dust-free environment in which to begin breathing. Down. Wine and chop. Chop. Wine. Purple.

Musuh Dalam Selimut: The Enemies in the Blanket by Lawrence Chua

Your skin is your uniform. A beacon and a membrane. Something to hold it all together.

The Fiery Pantheon by Nancy Lemann
Excerpt from Jack Maggs by Peter Carey
A Widow’s Lament by Rade Panich
Editor's Choice
Frank Bidart: Desire by Robert Polito
Frank Bidart 1

“We fill pre-existing forms, and when/ we fill them, change them and are changed,” Frank Bidart writes in the mysterious, revelatory Desire—writes twice, as it happens, as if to shadow the recurrent and intractable figure (“we are the wheel to which we are bound”) of his totemic subject.

Javier Marías’s A Heart So White by Minna Proctor
Javier Marias Bomb 062

Complicity through knowledge is at the center of Javier Marías’s award-winning Spanish novel. 

Helen Gee’s Limelight by Marvin Heiferman
Helen Gee 1

Helen Gee, in her charming and frequently hilarious memoir, Limelight: A Greenwich Village Photography Gallery and Coffeehouse in the Fifties, tells how and why she was able to keep this country’s only serious photography gallery in the 1950s open and solvent.

Lynne Tillman’s No Lease on Life by Betsy Sussler
Lynne Tillman 1 Body

Elizabeth, the audacious heroine of No Lease on Life, would like to murder, preferably by knife or strangulation—pleading temporary insanity—the crusty junkies and skinheads who inhabit her tenement street.

Susan Yankowitz’s Phaedra in Delirium by Elana Greenfield
Susan Yankowitz Bomb 062

Susan Yankowitz’s work in the theater spans three decades. Her plays are vividly theatrical, taking place in a heightened landscape of elevated language and time-bends.

Zhang Yimou’s Keep Cool by Larry Gross

Zhang Yimou’s new movie begins with a boy’s unrequited love for a girl all over the jammed streets of contemporary Beijing. The girl’s new boyfriend, a thug, beats the boy up.

Johan Grimonprez’s dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y by Mimi Thompson
Bomb 62 Grimonprez Body

Mimicking the methods of the news media, Johan Grimonprez has created an anxiety-provoking, manipulative, and exhilarating 68-minute film titled dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y.

Jeanette Barron and Timothy O’Grady by Suzan Sheman
Steve Pyke

Two books due out this winter combine image and text in ways which enhance both forms of expression—I Could Read the Sky, a novel by Timothy O’Grady with photographs by Steve Pyke, and Photographs and Poems, by Jeanette Montgomery Barron and Jorie Graham.

Adam Ross by Shirley Kaneda
Ross Adam 01 Bomb 062

Like a mirage in a desert, the landscapes in Adam Ross’s paintings and drawings are as unreal as a vision seen by a delirious time traveler. 

Michael Jensen by Rone Shavers
Michael Jensen 1

Michael Jensen brings a naturalist’s touch to a modernist’s aesthetic. The key lies in Jensen’s materials and the manner in which he combines them

Michael Reafsnyder by David Pagel
Reafsnyder 1

If you think that art and fun have too little to do with one another, you’ve probably never seen a painting by Michael Reafsnyder. 

Rivka Rinn by Roberto Juarez
Rinn 1 Body

Rivka Rinn makes art with a “kinda” new medium that artists on both sides of the Atlantic have toyed with, computer-scanned ink on canvas.

Jon Brion by Lance Loud
Brion 1

Word spread through the hip music circles of Hollywood: the guy who plays the late show every Friday night at Club Largo has to be seen to be believed.

Rickie Lee Jones’ Ghostyhead by Hilton Als
Jones Rickie Lee 01 Bomb 062

I must confess, initially I was somewhat resistant to Rickie Lee Jones’s new album, Ghostyhead

Maria Flook’s My Sister Life by Amy Hempel
Flook 1

Memoir, biography, nonfiction novel—all of these terms apply to My Sister Life, a stunning and disturbing book by poet and novelist Maria Flook.