BOMB 6 Summer 1983

006 Summer 1983
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Kathy Acker by Mark Magill
Acker 01

In an unorthodox interview with TV writer and producer Mark Magill, novelist and feminist critic Kathy Acker talks about marriage, sex, God, the Thirteenth Amendment, and baseball.

James “Son” Thomas by Philip Walker
Thomas James Son 01

James “Son” Thomas is a sculptor and a Blues singer and guitarist living in Leland, Mississippi.

Mark Pauline by Bill Edmondson
Pauline 01

Mark Pauline and Survival Research Laboratories are leading exponents of machine performance.

Jene Highstein by David Seidner
Highstein 01

David Seidner describes the spatially-aware sculptures of Jene Highstein as “awesome yet inviting somehow: shapes that beckon to caress, that speak of intimacy, be they the size of a fist, or a ten ton piece of polished black granite.”

First Proof
Thanks for the Memory by Ann Rower
​Jackie Winsor

This started out to be an essay on songwriting. 

Call of Nature by Barry Yourgrau

I walk in the woods.

Tomb of Donald Duck by Clayton Eshleman


The Mystery of Tap Water by Cookie Mueller
​Julia Heyward 001

Julie lost her mind one day …

Watching You Sleeping by Craig Gholson
Suzanne Harris 001

I’m here. You’re there.

Fear on St. Patrick’s Day by Felice Rosser
Tina Girourad 001

For me there is fear on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Une Semaine de Bonté  by Gary Indiana
6 Scanga Body

The film, in Technicolor, begins on a desert island somewhere in the Himalayas. Overtones of Shangri-La and ominous electronic music over credits.

Fah Lo Suee and Me by Glenn O'Brien
​Luigi Ontani 001

The daughter of Fu Manchu laid her hand on mine. 

A Woman Against Porn and Violence in a Spirited Exchange with Flash Boy the Pimp by Jerome Lhotsky

WOMAN: Pimping! Oh my dear God in heaven! What a sleazy, slimy, despicable profession.

Maddoglaski’s Turning Tape by Louis Sarno
​Tom Otterness 001

Xochitl the Ele-na crushed the hapless captured Golubyavan’s skull between his pincers. The crown popped open and the much beloved green slime bubbled out.

The Holy Ghost by Luc Sante
Tom Otterness 001

He had been waiting in the doctor’s office for so long he had begun to forget his symptoms. 

Twisted Intentions by Lynne Tillman
James Ford 001

There is nothing to fear but fear itself Emily mused as she put on her clothes. 

Untitled Essay by Poppy Johnson
Bonnie Sherk 001

Barbed wire was invented by a french nun from a convent which supported its devotions and good works by the sale of lovingly made cheese made

I’m Not Alone, I’ve Got The Clone by Rachel Pollack
R.M. Fischer 001

People expect the clone and I to display contiguous memories. 

Rain Devils by Rosemary Moore
Laurie Sagalyn 001

Tracy Lusk, 40, is speaking to her son, Bradley Aaron, 17, in a dark musky living room. 

Robbie by Sinclair Beiles

Robbie: There! Go for it. 

Two Stories by Susan Ensley
Robin Winters 001

“Smidge, your father’d kill me if he knew I was buying you that cologne for $27.00. Why, I returned the bottle he gave me for Christmas, and it was only $17.00.”

Marie Laveau Is Calling Me by Tina L'Hotsky
Kirsten Bates 001

In the early Summer of 1947 I decided to take a long bus trip down South from New York to New Orleans passing through scores of small Southern Towns and Confederate wayfares. 

DEAD DEAD by Bruce Nauman
​Bruce Nauman 003
Female Victory by Tom Otterness
201373077 06042015 Tom Otterness 01 Bomb 006
Through the Night Softly by Chris Burden
6 Chrisburden Body
Draggin the Bottom by Julia Heyward
​Julia Heyward 001
Landscape for Fire by Anthony McCall
6 Anthonymccall Body
The Nets of Solomon, Phase II by Alice Aycock
Alice Ayock Body
Wall Temple & Sun Chart by Alan Saret
6 Alansaret 01 Body
Fontana by Athos Ongaro
6 Athosongaro Body
Detail of Untitled Assemblage by Natasha Nicholson
Tom Garver 002
SAT81 by Kathleen Thomas
Bomb 6 Sat81 Thomas Body
3D by Judy Pfaff
Pictogram I & II by Keith Sonnier
272512738 06042015 Bomb 6 Sonnier 33 Sm
Tatooed Architect #1 by James Ford
James Ford 001
Untitled Sculpture by Joel Shapiro
​Joel Shapiro 001
Burnt Sphere by Jackie Winsor
​Jackie Winsor
Tear, Oval, and Step Cuts by John Torreano
153529415 06042015 Bomb 6 Torreano 33 Sm
Triped by Nancy Graves
Nancy Graves 001
L.P. by Tom Butter
Tom Butter 001
Hoolihook by Christopher Sproat
Sproat 6 001 Body
Cardboard Bottom Fishes by Christy Rupp
Christy Rupp 001
Kensington Arms by R.M. Fischer
R.M. Fischer 001
Discus Thrower by Luigi Ontani
​Luigi Ontani 001
Implicate by Richard Miller
​Richard Miller 001
Untitled Sculpture by Angela Ho
​Angela Ho 001
Marie by Julian Schnabel
​Julian Schnabel 001
Head by Italo Scanga
6 Scanga Body
Big Boy by Brigid Kennedy
Bomb 6 Kennedy Body
Untitled Sculpture by Jody Culkin
Bomb 6 Culkin 01 Body
Kleiner sitzender weiblicher Akt by Lothar Fischer
Bomb 6 Fischer 002 Body
Conductor by Bryan Hunt
Bomb 6 Hunt 001 Body
Grunlicher Andeer by Fritz Mayer
Bomb 6 Mayer 001 Body
Beatrice by Joel Fisher
526377657 03062015 Joel Fisher 01 Bomb 05
Two Sculptures by Suzanne Harris
Suzanne Harris 001
Man on the Top by Joel Otterness
Tom Otterness 001
Sentinel by Steve Wood
Bomb 6 Wood 001 Body
Banana Kelly Double Dutch by John Ahearn
Bomb 6 Ahearn 001 Body
Brainwash by Rebecca Howland
Bomb 6 Howland 001 Body
Mt. Fuji by Peggy Katz
Bomb 6 Katz 001 Body
Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer
Bomb 6 Heizer 001 Body
Flawed Logic by John Chamberlain
Bomb 6 Chamberlain 001 Body
Untitled Intervention by Ann Messner
Bomb 6 Messner 001 Body
Studios, 1983 by Tom Bills
6 Bills Body
Madonna and Child by Alan Belcher
Alan Belcher 001
¡VAMANOS! by Tina Girouard
Tina Girourad 001
Terminal Clusters by Andrea Callard
Bomb 6 Callard 001 Body
Wheel Animal by Not Vital
Bomb 6 Not Vital 001Tif Body
Untitled Painting by Robin Winters
Robin Winters 001
Art may be the True Form of Disarmament by Bonnie Sherk
Bonnie Sherk 001
Holy Fire by Arden Scott
Arden Scott 002
Marilyn Monroe by Mary Heilmann
6 Magill 1 Body