BOMB 55 Spring 1996

Issue 55 055  Spring 1996
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Frances McDormand  by Willem Dafoe
Mcdormand 01 Body

Frances McDormand has acted in the Coen Brothers’s Blood Simple, and Raising Arizona.

A.M. Homes  by Gregory Crewdson
Homes 01 Body

Set against Robert Frank’s Cocksucker Blues, A.M. Homes and artist Gregory Crewdson scrape the layers off suburban homes, revealing the surreal, the pornographic, and the psycho-sexual desires in her novel, The End of Alice.

Jafar Panahi by Liza Béar

Winner of the Cannes 1995 Camera d’Or, The White Balloon by Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi brings drama and humor to a seven-year-old’s quest for a New Year’s fish.

Padgett Powell by V. Hunt
Powell 01 Body

Padgett Powell is one of the funniest men alive. If he weren’t such a great writer—EdistoEdisto Revisited—he could always be a comedian. V. Hunt tracks the laughs.

Butch Morris by David Henderson
Morris 01 Body

With his ten CD box set, Testament: A Conduction, composer/conductor Butch Morris gives voice to the collective imagination and re-envisions the way we hear music.

William Pope.L by Martha Wilson
Pope 01 Body

“What has held my interest in performance art for over twenty years is not simply marveling at the weird things artists think up to do, but attempting to understand the motivation for these works of art.”

John Elderfield by David Carrier
Elderfield 02 Body

The Bohen Series on Critical Discourse. John Elderfield, Chief Curator-at-Large of the Museum of Modern Art, speaks with philosopher David Carrier about Matisse, Mondrian, Prud’hon and contemporary theories of taste and interpretation.

Malcolm Morley by Richard Francis
Morley 01 Body

We deeply regret the recent death of the great painter Malcolm Morley. 
In this 1996 interview, Morley discusses making realism abstract with Richard Francis.

Artists on Artists
Thomas Nozkowski by Saul Ostrow
​Thomas Nozkowski 01

Thomas Nozkowski’s paintings sit between the authentic and the fabricated. This is because they are a product of his struggle against the entropy of abstract painting’s own history. 

First Proof
Sold Out by Vess Quinlan
Vess Quinlan

The worst will come tomorrow
When we load the saddle horses.

Dogleg by Janet Kieffer

Brutus had intense yellow eyes that locked onto yours when he looked at you and cocked his head, but his eyes were closed when he was on the operating table. Joe had the OR nurse cover him with blue sheets and only his feathery, mottled tail stuck out. Joe was operating on his leg.

Two Poems by Jayne Cortez

These New York City pigeons
cooing in the air shaft

Shrinking Away by Jim Northrup

Survived the war but
was having trouble

A Fling with a Demon Lover by Kelvin Christopher James

As lately pattern had developed, Ciam awoke with the dawn, and went out for his morning jaunt.

Six Works by Alexis Rockman
Alexis Rockman 01
Solitude Ain’t Loneliness by Michelle T. Clinton
Michelle T Clinton

Say for instance you’re a girl/    but citified/    a hard sister

Appointment in Wipe-ola by Archie Rand
55 Rand 01 Body

All images by Archie Rand, excerpts from a novel, Appointment in Wipe-Ola, 1993.

Considering the Void by President Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter Bomb 055

This article is only available in print.

Hey, Joe by Ben Neihart

They lay side by side on the driveway, almost napping. Wyatt K., typically, hadn’t shown up yet; the boy was always late.

From a Sealed Room by Rachel Kadish

Every few days Fanya made some motion to leave; she began to gather the cosmetics she had spread over the dresser-top in Tami’s and Nachum’s bedroom, or she asked for the telephone number of a taxi company for the Jerusalem/Tel Aviv route.

Tell Our Daughters by Besmilr Brigham

each is beautiful
a woman’s life

Untitled by Sawyer Shefts

At night I hear the dog bark
the wind blows my swing

The United States of Poetry by Bob Holman

You can’t tell a book by its cover, agreed, but imagine flipping open the “book” of television and discovering a Poem there?!?

Two Poems by Susan Wheeler

I found the toilet igloos; inside, wood.

My Best Friend by Dirk Standen

I had never met Quentin Carr.

The Wandering Mind: Death Dances in Haiti by Tina Girouard
Girouard Tina 01 Bomb 055

Artist Tina Girouard spent several years traveling to Haiti to work with Vodou sequin artists. Along the way, she became a “Mambo of Art,” inducted into the Vodou ceremony. Excerpts from her journal.


Wish we could, but we can’t include all the droll anecdotes from our interviews. Space provided, we’d print them all; however, we’ve saved a few because we thought you’d be amused. 

Letter from the Editor by Betsy Sussler