BOMB 52 Summer 1995

Issue 52 052  Summer 1995
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Medeski, Martin & Wood by Vernon Reid
Medeski Martin   Wood Bomb 052 Sm

Vernon Reid talks to the genre-defying trio Medeski, Martin & Wood about the choices they make in their music.

Helen Mirren by Peter Eyre
Helen Mirren 01 Bomb 052

Don’t miss Helen Mirren in The Debt or issue 52 of BOMB. So take a flashback just like they do in the film, but to 1992, and check out Helen Mirren’s conversation with fellow actor Peter Eyre.

Todd Haynes by Alison MacLean
Todd Haynes 01

Independent filmmakers Alison Maclean (Crush) and Todd Haynes (Poison) talk about genre busting in Haynes’s feature film Safe, about a woman who turns to New Age cures for an environmental disease.

Sacred Naked Nature Girls by Coco Fusco
Sacred Naked Nature Girls 01

Coco Fusco looks into the theatrical value of Sacred Naked Nature Girls’ spontaneous, symbolic all nude show, and how it deals with issues of the body, gender and performance.

Charles Ray by Paul Dickerson
Charles Ray 01 Bomb 052

Sculptors Charles Ray and Paul Dickerson go beyond studio talk in a peripatetic stroll through museums, lunch at the Carlyle and a cab ride.

Chuck Close by Lisa Yuskavage
Chuck Close 01 Bomb 052

It was in 1981 and I was a sophomore in art school when I first encountered Chuck Close’s work at a show called Contemporary American Realism Since 1960. I was struck by how it didn’t resemble any of the other work in the show.

Patricia Spears Jones by Jenifer Berman

Jenifer Berman and poet Patricia Spears Jones (who was just awarded the Oscar Williams-Gene Derwood Award of the New York Community Trusttalk) about the various facets of Jones’s writing and her views on religion, race and privacy.

Russell Banks  by Pinckney Benedict
Russell Banks Bomb 052

Russell Banks reveals the dark side of the American spirit in his novel, Rule of the Bone, with Pinckney Benedict, winner of the John Steinbeck Award for Dogs of God.

Kim Dingle by David Pagel
Kim Dingle 01 Bomb 052

David Pagel attempts to crack the feminist, violent and “slightly off-kilter” world of Kim Dingle and her paintings and installations.

First Proof
Amadera ni makase by Yoji Yamaguchi

“Fifty-four, fifty-five, fifty-six … .” 

Undertow by Adam Klein

The smell of cut grass and a tint of blue from the moon across its razed surface made me think of blood.

Life of a Liar by Martha King

This began when I wrote a story about a boy sitting in a tree, smoking a cigarette. 

The Bump (I–VIII) by Max Blagg

Walking out of the pharmacy
I felt the bones in my daughter’s hand,

Two Poems by Willie Perdomo

This First Proof contains the poems “See-Saw,” and “Come Back.”

Artists on Artists
A Visit With God: Luis Barragan’s Chapel at the Convent in Tlalplan Mexico by Carlos Brillembourg
Carlos Brillembourg 01

From the street, only a wall is visible, flanked by anonymous windows and a large wooden door. We press the doorbell and a young boy answers. We explain that Mother Delecta is waiting for us to assist the seven o’clock mass today—All Souls Day.

Letter from the Editor by Betsy Sussler
Stain Novella by David Humphrey
Bomb 52 Humphrey 001 Body
Two Photographs by Gwenn Thomas
Bomb 52 Kino 001 Body
Two Photographs by Nari Ward
Bomb 52 Ward 001 Body
Two Paintings by Thomas Woodruff
Bomb 52 Woodruff2 Body