BOMB 50 Winter 1995

050 Wintter 1995
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Victoria Williams by Josh Kun

Singer/songwriter Victoria Williams not only crafts heart-stopping melodies, but can carry a story like a master tale-teller. Here, she talks about her Southern sensibilities, her affinity for dogs, and the divine inspiration behind her music.

Abbas Kiarostami by Akram Zaatari
Kiarostami 01

“We can never get close to the truth except through lying.”

Sigrid Nunez by Kimiko Hahn
Nunez 01 Body

Sigrid Nunez and Kimiko Hahn reflect upon Nunez’s novel A Feather on the Breath of God, discussing the concepts of woman as storyteller, and writing as crochet.

Luscious Jackson by Lynn Geller
Jackson 01 Body

From the street to the charts: post-feminist, all-female rock group Luscious Jackson on their influences, band democracy, and distaste for toxic people.

Eric Fischl by A.M. Homes
Fischl 1

“I’m trying to find out what my relationship to the body is, the comfort and discomfort, the appropriate and the inappropriate.”

Ariel Dorfman by Jenifer Berman
Dorfman 01 Body

Writer Ariel Dorfman addresses his pan-American past, the threshold of insanity, and the literary stakes of exile.

Tina Barney by David Corey
50 Barney01 Body

Tina Barney has spent years photographing the upper-class enclave of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Here she discusses the limits of privacy, the ambiguity of entitlement and the intimate nature of nostalgia.

James Carter by Zoë Anglesey
50 Carter01 Body

Saxophone prodigy James Carter toured with Winton Marsalis when he was 17 and cut his first solo record when he was 23. He reflects on his mentors and heroes, and looks to the future of jazz.

George C. Wolfe by bell hooks
Wolfe 03 Body

George C. Wolfe’s theater accomplishments are too many to list, among them Jelly’s Last JamAngels in America, and Blade to the Heat. He speaks with bell hooks about the various social hierarchies that his work challenges.

Billy Sullivan by Saul Ostrow
Sullivan 01 Body

Painter Billy Sullivan recalls the wisdom of Warhol, Woodstock wiles and the downside of mail-order boots.

First Proof

Restless Fire by Marina Budhos

October’s arrived, leaves accumulate on my balcony, papery as old snakeskins, and I’m inside, as ever, corresponding.

Testimonial by Edwidge Danticat

I ran my fingers along a tattered quilt as I looked over the Ghanaian sand pebbles my mother had kept, in the shape of a cross, on the floor of her prison cell.

Home by Melanie Rae Thon

November again.

Totality by Liza Béar

A volcano has erupted on the bed of the Pacific. 

Untitled by Etel Adnan

There are no frogs in this

Two Poems by Laura Mullen

The raft drifts. / You wanted us maybe / To stay in that half-baked / Democracy you were trying to cook / Up for us, constantly re-couped / Perhaps?

Green on the Outside, Red on the Inside by Meyer Vaisman
50 Vaisman Body
Two Sculptures by Beverly Semmes
50 Semmes 01 Body
Untitled by Roy Fowler
50 Fowler Body
Spring by Petah Coyne
50 Coyne Body
The Spotted Marino/Hooked Beetle Sweater Production System; Annually Yielding Three Sweaters of Unparalleled Quality by Laurel Katz
50 Katz Body
Two Sculptures by Ann Messner
50 Messner 01 Body