BOMB 5 Spring 1983

Issue 5 005  Spring 1983
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Mary Mhoon by Allen Frame
Mhoon 01 Body

This interview took place over telephone between NY and Memphis, January 1983.

The Grand Kabuki: Onoe Kuroemon II by Robert Aaron
Kuroemon 01 Body

Two men of the stage: Kabuki master Onoe Kuroemon II speaks with musician and composer Robert Aaron about a life in the traditional Kabuki Theater.

Rockets Redglare by Mark Magill
Redglare 01

Rockets is a stand-up comedian. I first met him in his capacity as the genial host, maître ‘d and sergeant-at-arms at the Red Bar on Manhattan’s upwardly mobile Lower East Side.

Cuba, El Salvador: Gianfranco Gorgoni by Betsy Sussler
5 Gorgoni 01 Body

From photographing the New York artists of the ’60s and ’70s to capturing the streets of Cuba and El Salvador, Gianfranco Gorgoni speaks to Betsy Sussler about his move to photo-journalism and subsequent responsibility of bearing witness.

The Head Gargoyle: H. M. Koutoukas by Cookie Mueller
Koutoukas 01 Body

H. M. Koutoukas writes and directs plays. Although there’s been no full scale public production in about four years, he’s had 150 equity approved extravangas and 40 one-act pieces produced.

James McLure by Betsy Sussler

Betsy Sussler interviews playwright James McLure on his interpretations of Americana.

James Purdy by Allen Frame
Purdy04 Body

James Purdy is the author of numerous novels, short stories, and plays. Nightshift, a N.Y. theater group working out of the Laight Again Club in New York’s East Village, performed three of Purdy’s one-acts, What Is It Zach?True, and The Berry-Picker, during October and November of 1982.

Joan Tewkesbury by David Seidner
Tewkesbury01 Body

Joan Tewkesbury and I met this summer in Los Angeles: Immediately I was struck by the kinky combination of elements that work in rapid fire in this woman’s brain.

JoAnne Akalaitis by Craig Gholson
Akalaitis 01

JoAnne Akalaitis discusses the history of Mabou Mines, the avant-garde theater company, and her various projects.

Maria Duval by ​Suzanne Mallouk​
Duval 01

Character is everything for Maria Duval. She speaks with Suzanne Mallouk about her fluctuating sense of self as a versatile collection of personalities.

Nightshift by Allen Frame
Nightshift 01 Body

Nightshift presented a season of Joe Orton’s Ruffian On the Stair, Heathecote Williams Local Stigmatic and three James Purdy plays during the summer and winter of ‘82.

First Proof
478 by David Seidner
David Seidner 001

The character of this tale is called “Legacy.” 

Cathode Cruel by Susan Landau

A group of three actors who are standing stationary until the set pieces of the Rhone Rehabilitation Centre glide in from O.S. Left and Right. A folding chair is leaned against a ten foot by ten foot glass booth which glides in from O.S. Right. It is a three-walled booth which surrounds one of the actors—THE SUBJECT.

Umarla Klasa: The Dead Class by Tadeusz Kantor
Alan Kleinberg


Steam Room. Fairgrounds, New Orleans by Henry Horenstein
Bomb 5 Horenstein1 Body
Brothers in Havana, Brothers in Brooklyn by Ronald Girard
Bomb 5 Girard1 Body
Caribe Festival by Jacki Ochs
5 Jacki Ochs Body
Strange Fire by James Perry Walker
Bomb 5 Strangefire1 Body
Theseus by Theadora Van Runkle
Article 227 5  Van Runkle
Portrait of a Young Woman in Fur Robe after Rubens by Diane Blell
5 Blell Body
Jerry Lewis and Robert DeNiro, 69th and Madison between takes of Kings of Comedy by Kate Simon
5 Simon Body
Flagday by Gregory Lawrence Lehmann
5 Lehmann Body
At the Riverside Theatre, London by Alan Kleinberg
Alan Kleinberg
Lisa Lyon by Robert Mapplethorpe
5 Lyon Body
Francesco Clemente by Jeannette Montgomery Barron
5 Montgomery Body
Two Works by Thomas Ellis & Darrel Ellis
Article 203 5  Darryl Ellis
China Still Life by Christopher Makos
Article 200 5  Christopher Makos 01
Coat Hanger by Jimmy DeSana
5 Desana Body
Silk Hat (detail) by Ellen Brooks
Article 206 5  Ellen Brooks
Untitled Collage by Deborah Turbeville
Article 204 5  Deborah Turbeville
New Mexico by Amanda Means

Photograph by Amanda Means. 

Cathexsis 48 by Joseph Kosuth
Joseph Kosuth
Glossolalia by Barbara Kruger & Sarah Charlesworth
Glossolaia 01 Body