BOMB 49 Fall 1994

049 Fall 1994
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Frank Pugliese by Nicole Burdette

“The only thing you can do to capture the essence of someone or somewhere or someplace, is to create artifice.”

Diamanda Galas and John Paul Jones by Michael Albo
Jones Galas 01 Body
David Bowes by Anney Bonney
Bowes 01 Body

“I’m not really trying to make a hermetic painting. I’d like to make a painting that engages the attention and imagination of the viewer, not one that will refuse to give up its meaning. Maybe one that will release its meaning in time.”

Stephen Malkmus by Tim Nye
Malkmus 01 Body

“People tend to think that our band is defeatist. Or above it all. It’s not true. We’re definitely a populist, garage band. As far as what critics should be writing about, I’ll leave that up to them.”

Fiona Rae by Shirley Kaneda
49 Rae 01 Body

“You end up using dubious sounding words like ‘alchemical’ to describe painting, but it’s this incredible activity.”

Tom Noonan by Alison MacLean
Tom Noonan 1

Tom Noonan plays both sides: he appeared in the mega-expensive Last Action Hero, yet made his feature film What Happened Was, with his own money. Here he discusses the freedom granted by restraints.

John Edgar Wideman by Caryl Phillips
Wideman 01
Kiki Smith by Chuck Close
277777053 11032015 Smith Kiki 01 Bomb 049

“I always think the whole history of the world is in your body.”

Jayne Anne Phillips by A.M. Homes
Jayne Anne Phillips 01 Bomb 049

A.M. Homes explores the many elements of Jayne Anne Phillips’s novel, Shelter in this 1994 interview. Her novel, Lark and Termite, has been nominated for the 2009 National Book Award for fiction.

Arthur Miller by Ron Rifkin
124984554 04102015 Arthur Miller 01 Bomb 049

“The urge to perform is always there, but how theater is organized is vital. But great acting is a metaphor for the struggle between the spirit and the flesh. And that struggle is immemorial.”

First Proof

Neighbor by Jacki Ochs

In September, 1987, I asked two poets, Lyn Hejinian, from the United States and Arkadii Dragomoschenko, from the Soviet Union, to begin an unusual correspondence. 

In the hand of the wind by David Rattray

Toward the end of the fifth day I paused for breath at the head of a slope of shingle slate. 

Breaking Karma #5 by Sapphire
Ed Baynard 02

It is like a scene in a play.

Defiance by Carole Maso

Appalling ruin of another afternoon. 

Four Poems by Robert Kuwada

At the end of daybreak, you awoke from a nightmare: an
anadromous fish died by desiccation.

The Bad Father by Todd Grimson

My father got me drunk when I was 14, not too long after my birthday, and I have a scar on my forehead as a result. 

Three Poems by Jenna Heller

Dog jumped out and bit me
with the sting of a hornet


Mind Reader by Philip Smith

Lake Falls by Bryan Hunt
49 Hunt Body
Two Paintings by Ed Baynard
46 Baynard 01 Body
Untitled by Elliott Puckette
49 Puckette Body
Untitled for BOMB by Lynn McCarty
49 Mccarty Body
Two Paintings by Lynn Umlauf
49 Umlauf 01 Body