BOMB 46 Winter 1994

046 Winter 1994
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Tran Anh Hung by Lawrence Chua

Director Tran Anh Hung on creating a Vietnamese cinematic legacy from nothing, and the creative perspective of expatriation.

Stephen Wright by Jenifer Berman
Wright 01 Body

Novelist Stephen Wright does not simply tell a story. He takes the basic form of the novel and turns it inside out. His novels such as, Going Native, expose the strange and intriguing lives of characters that would normally fade into the background.

Lawrence Gipe by David Humphrey
Gipe 01 Body

David Humphrey speaks with fellow painter Lawrence Gipe. With both humor and candor, the two artists tackle questions of power struggles and past lives, addressing the artist’s capacity to unpack the fictions of authority.

Illeana Douglas by Lynn Geller
Illeana Douglas

Actress, producer, director speaks to Lynn Geller about the what it takes to be a successful woman in the industry: three day fasts and cannibalism…

Dan Graham by Mike Metz
Graham 01 Body

Metz explores the public work and solitary life of Dan Graham.

Mike Leigh by Bette Gordon
Leigh 01 Body

Filmmaker and BOMB contributing editor Bette Gordon speaks to acclaimed director Mike Leigh upon the release of his award-winning 1993 film, Naked.

Dona Nelson by Richard Whelan
Nelson 01 Body

Richard Whelan interviews painter Dona Nelson about her fifth New York solo exhibition. Nelson discusses her experience as a woman in the male dominated world of painting.

Haruki Murakami by John Wesley Harding
Murakami 01

Murakami’s expert manipulation of the mundane into the magical has made him one of the most ubiquitous voices in contemporary fiction.

Julius Hemphill by Suzanne McElfresh
Hemphill 01 Body

Julius Hemphill is a saxophonist and composer born and bred in Fort Worth Texas. Hemphill’s motivation to create comes from the limitless possibilities of improvisation. Throughout his career he has made an effort to work across disciplines.

Robert Schenkkan by Stuart Spencer
Schenkkan 01 Body

Robert Shenkkan talks to Stuart Spencer about his nine-play, six-hour epic The Kentucky Cycle, which won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Campbell McGrath by Dallas Crow
Mcgrath 01 Body

Campbell McGrath is a poet with a refreshing voice and a contemporary style. McGrath Considers poetry the most favorable medium through which he is able to voice his concerns and observations.

First Proof

Two Poems by Lois-Ann Yamanaka

Aunty Nancy have a baby boy; he no mo daddy.

Three Poems by Mervyn Taylor
​Karen Kilimnik 01

for Suchitha

Close to sleep, I’m

Amulet by Dee Axelrod

Talking to Charlene is like having a conversation with her tits.

Excerpts from 1982 by Walter K. Lew

My professor often lost control of the wheel and I would take over until he returned to his senses. 

Nothing Physical is Invented by Jane Warrick

My father was missing. He’d gone.

Rent Boy by Gary Indiana

I made the mistake of going there early the other day, get this, I walk in, and I’m, like, the only hustler.

Miranda’s Lips by Laren Stover

She is rinsing her clothes in the sink. 

The Joker Episode of the Avengers by Karen Kilimnik
46 Kilimnik 02 Body
I Believe in Architecture by Carlos Brillembourg & Keith Sonnier
Brillembourg Sonnier 01 Body

I believe in architecture
It is not art
It is not event
It is not the city

Two Drawings by David Fludd
46 Fludd 01 Body
viral attaque: moRal twiliGht by Joseph Nechvatal
46 Nechvatal Body
Two Drawings by Judith Hudson
46 Hudson 01 Body
Untitled Drawing by Katherine Bowling
Article 1728 46  Bowling
Three Paintings by Mark Tansey
46 Tansey 01 Body