BOMB 44 Summer 1993

044 Summer 1993
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Sally Potter by Shari Frilot

Sally Gall and April Gornik
Gall 01 Body
Walter Mosley by Thulani Davis
Bomb 01 Bomb 044 Sm
Rosanne Cash by David Byrne
Cash 01 Body
Melanie Rae Thon by Caryl Phillips
Thon 01 Body

“When I read any writer, I think: Is the story honest? Are the images vivid? Are the people real to me? If those things are true, what do I care who the author is in real life?” Melanie Rae Thon

Bruce Wagner by Hillary Johnson
Bruce Wagner 01 Bomb 044
Buzz Spector by David Pagel
Spector Buzz 01 Bomb 044

“Nostalgia is always about estrangement. And it’s also always a rebellion. To be nostalgic is to rebel against the present.”

Luciano Perna by David Pagel
Perna 01 Body
Pae White by David Pagel
Pae White 01 Bomb 044
David Baerwald by Lynn Geller
Darrell Larson by Rob Sullivan
Larson01 Body
Sadie Benning by Linda Yablonsky
Benning 01 Body

“I don’t see my images on TV. That means I’m not valuable. That means my sexuality doesn’t sell beer.”

First Proof

Four Poems by Gigi Marks

Four days before the summer
solstice two weeks of spring rain ended

Tintin in the New World by Frederic Tuten

In late afternoon Tintin and Clavdia strolled arm in arm along the grassy trail leading to the summit of the ancient city.

Four Stories by Benjamin Weissman

This page is written from the never before attempted first-person-twin (feminine) point of view.

The Hemisphere: Kuchuk Hanem by Kimiko Hahn

I am four. It is a summer midafternoon, my nap finished. I cannot find her. I hear the water in the bathroom. Not from the faucet but occasional splashes. I hear something like the bar of soap fall in. I cannot find her.

Sister by Jim Lewis

A life of rational planning, a happy life that owes nothing to luck, is necessarily independent of others; so it’s a life without love, without deep company. 

The White Butterfly by David Rattray
​Charles Henri Ford

The white butterfly I saw chase the pale yellow one,

South Brooklyn Casket Company by Klaus Kertess
​Kiki Smith 1

He was sitting in the steam room of the gym; he had one left finger up the ass of the guy next to him. No, two fingers. 

In a Country of Mothers by A.M. Homes

It was a bright afternoon near the end of March, a day filled with the strange and fragile sense that at any moment all that was clear might be taken away and replaced with a dark and heavy rain.

Luck by Jim Krusoe

“… I was thinking … how wonderfully it was all arranged that each of us had not too long to live and therefore could not taste everything there was, and so the world to us appeared infinite in its variety.”

Two Photographs by Sally Gall
44 40 Gall Body
Untitled Photograph by Barbara Ess
Barbara Ess, Untitled, 1991, monochrome color photograph, 11 × 14 inches. Courtesy of Curt Marcus Gallery.

Untitled monochrome color photograph by Barbara Ess.

For David Rattray by Charles Henri Ford
​Charles Henri Ford

Collage for David Rattray by Charles Henri Ford.

Three Drawings by Jiri Georg Dokoupil
Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Untitled (Monday Nov 2) , 1992, black marker on paper, 30½ × 22¾ inches. Courtesy of Robert Miller Gallery.

Three marker drawings, Untitled (Monday Nov 2)Untitled (Sunday, April 18) and Untitled (Martes 20 April) by Jiri Georg Dokoupil.

Self Portraits by Kiki Smith
All images: Kiki Smith, Self Portraits, 1993. Courtesy of Joe Fawbush Gallery.

Three self-portraits by Kiki Smith.

Two Photographs by Linda Connor
Linda Connor, Apollo, Mt. Nemrut, Turkey, 1992.

Two photographs of foreign wonders, Apollo, Mt. Nemrut, Turkey and Tree, Japan by Linda Connor. 

Two Photographs by Lynn Davis
Lynn Davis, Disko Bay #15, 1986, gelatin silver print, 40 × 20 inches paper, 28 × 28 inches image. Courtesy of Hirschl & Adler Modern.

Disko Bay #15 and Saqqara II, Dynasty III by Lynn Davis.

Two Photographs by Lynn Geesaman
Lynn Geesaman 01 Bomb 044 Sm
Two Photographs by Mark Klett
Bomb 44 Klett 001 Body
So On by Suzanne McClelland
Bomb 44 Mcclelland 001 Body
David Greig Rattray, 1936–1993 by Betsy Sussler
44 Rattray Body