BOMB 43 Spring 1993

043 Spring 1993
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Tony Kushner by Craig Lucas
Kushner Tony 01 Bomb 043

“It’s been a very, very strange time. I feel very lost and confused and sort of unclear about what I should be doing with the play, where I should be going with it and where I should be going after the play is done.”

Fae Myenne Ng by Angel Velasco Shaw
Ng 01 Body
Jeanette Winterson by Catherine Bush
Winterson 01 Body
Andres Serrano by Anna Blume
Andres Serrano 01

“Awkward moments and mutual hostility” abound in this conversation with artist and provocateur Andres Serrano on his most recent collection of photographs of dead bodies.

Mira Schor by Shirley Kaneda
Schor Mira 01 Bomb 043

The painter/writer Mira Schor addresses feminist issues, articulating the question of identity.

Barbara Hammer by Tina DiFeliciantonio
Barbara Hammer 01 Bomb 043
Gillian Armstrong by Liza Béar
Armstrong 01
Ousmane Sembene by John Singleton & Reginald Woolery
Sembene 01 Body

Ousmane Sembene, the Senegalese writer and director of Black GirlCeddo, and Camp de Thiaroye is the point by which African cinema sets its compass.

Vernon Reid by Tracie Morris
Reid 01 Body
Srinivas Krishna by Lawrence Chua
150539369 10202015 Krisna Srinivas 01 Bomb 043 Jpg

“I hear this all the time in places like New York. People say, ‘Yes, I’m an artist but I don’t have that much time anymore because I’m also a psychologist, and a novelist, and a yoga teacher.’ To that I say, ‘Actually, all you are is a fucked up, displaced human being.’” Srinivas Krishna

Laurie Carlos by Nicky Paraiso
Carlos 01 Body
First Proof
Max by David Rattray

Every morning at 8:45, one of my clocks plays the Meistersinger Prelude theme on a set of silver chimes, and I wake up. 

Two Poems by Jose Padua


Perfection is all those horrible old love affairs

Riders to the Sea by Maria Flook

Bell was fighting a sex hangover as he fixed a fried egg sandwich. 

Come by Pablo Tapay Bautista

Ruel is crying.
He has decided to fall in love.

Four Songs by Tom Verlaine
Tom Verlaine 01


Guess I need some EDUCATION …

Loverboys by Ana Castillo

Two boys are making out in the booth across from me. 

Dave 1984-1990 (Headcrusher) by Kathe Burkhart
Kathe Burkhart, Dave 1984–1990 (Headcrusher), 1992, acrylic, modeling paste, feathers on canvas, 48 × 42 inches.

Painting on canvas of an invented torture device, Dave 1984-1990 (Headcrusher) by Kathe Burkhart. 

Olive Oil Swami by Keith Boadwee
Keith Boadwee, Olive Oil Swami, 1992, unique duraflex photo, 48 × 60 inches. Courtesy of Stux Gallery.

Duraflex photograph Olive Oil Swami by Keith Boadwee.

Black-Eyed Sue by LC Armstrong
LC Armstrong, Black-Eyed Sue, 1992, enamel, resin, smoke (bomb fuse burns), on aluminum, 80 × 60 inches.

Piece utilizing burns from a bomb fuse, as well as enamel and resin, on aluminum, Black-Eyed Sue by LC Armstrong.

The Web by Catherine Howe
Catherine Howe, The Web, 1992, oil on linen, 82 × 58 inches.

Oil painting on linen of a woman in a dress; The Web by Catherine Howe.

Delta 5 by Charles Long
Charles Long Bomb 043

Colored pencil on rag drawing, Delta 5 by Charles Long.

Two Works by Fred Tomaselli

A drawing (Portrait of Bill) and a photogram (Analgesic, Sugar and Saccharin #3) by Fred Tomaselli.

Poppie’s by Jimmie Durham

Abstract painting on paper, Poppie’s by Jimmie Durham, selected by Bill Arning and Paul Ramirez-Jonas. This article is only available in print.

Evening in Paris by John Lindell
John Lindell, Evening in Paris, 1993.

Interpretive drawing, Evening in Paris by John Lindell.