BOMB 41 Fall 1992

Issue 41 041  Fall 1992
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YoYo by Lynn Geller
Yoyo 01 Body

More concerned with portraying the truth than appearing politically correct, YoYo raps about topics like drug addiction, teenage pregnancy and domestic violence.

Donna Tartt by Jill Eisenstadt
​Donna Tartt 01

College pals Donna Tartt and Jill Eisenstadt exchange campus lore and anecdotes about the novel-writing process while discussing Tartt’s The Secret History. A refreshing glance at two young writers who found early success.

Jessica Stockholder by Stephen Westfall
Jessica Stockholder 01 Bomb 041

Jessica Stockholder has revitalized abstraction and formalism by obliterating most of their self-imposed dialectical boundaries.

Anna Deavere Smith by Thulani Davis
Anna Deveare Smith Bomb 041

Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn and Other Identities, by Anna Deavere Smith, was performed to sold-out houses and great critical acclaim at the New York Shakespeare Festival.

Lillian Lee by Lawrence Chua
139338544 05062015 Lillian Lee 01 Bomb 041

Maybe there really isn’t a word like “gender” in Cantonese. But Li Pik Wah (or Lilian Lee as she’s being marketed for the English-speaking world) conveys the artifice and complexity of the construction with the prostitutes, actors, and secret agents who inhabit her abundant screenplays, novels, and columns. 

Robbie McCauley by Lynne Tillman
Mccauley 01 Body

Robbie McCauley is a formidable actor, writer, and director. As a performer, she takes dramatic risks, exhibiting an almost palpable vulnerability, a terrific intelligence, a breathtaking range of emotions.

Ron Vawter by Jessica Hagedorn
Vawter 01 Body

One of New York’s most respected stage actors, Ron Vawter  is a member of the renowned Wooster Group, an ensemble of artists who, for almost twenty years, have collaborated on the development and production of daring and innovative theater pieces under the direction of Elizabeth LeCompte.

Richard Tuttle by Bob Holman
41 Holman 3 Body
Gregg Araki by Lawrence Chua
Araki 01 Body

“Because I’m such a Los Angeles brat, it’s about 18-year-olds, and it’s filled with that kind of like L.A. talk and shopping malls. My producer said it’s like a gay John Hughes movie directed by Godard.” Gregg Araki

Fabian Marcaccio by Shirley Kaneda
Marcaccio Fabian 01 Bomb 041

Combining the now generic languages of abstract painting, Argentinean painter, Fabian Marcaccio constructs a bricolage of diverse cultural and historical approaches.

Television by Tod Wizon
Wizon 01 Body

After 14 years apart doing solo projects, the chemistry of Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd, Fred Smith and Billy Ficca remains intact as evidenced on their newly released third album, Television.

First Proof
Philosopher or Dog? by Hilton Als

I should like so much to begin with an idea, would you mind? 

Spit by Max Blagg

The last time I saw my school cap it was in a plastic bag on my mother’s dressing table, a venerable fetish of my misspent youth. 

Eros by Patrick McGrath

I continued to function, morning surgery, rounds after lunch, evening surgery, on-call at night. It was a cold winter, and Spike was vicious.

Dwarf by Steven Henry Madoff

As if the Dog Star and gaseous bodies, ice bodies,

Doomed Survivors: A Reconstruction in 2 Voices by Ursule Molinaro

I know I’ve come to Mexico to get myself murdered. 

Reflections on the Metro-North Train, Winter 1990 by Willie Perdomo

Saturday night
I’m on the 8:40 PM local

Three Poems by Carol Weston

Individual Beast

Individual beast, you derive, like all of us,

Patina du Prey Posing in Poland by Hunter Reynolds
41 Reynolds Body

A photograph of a performance, titled Patina du Prey Posing in Poland, by Hunter Reynolds, photograph by Tadeusz Rolke.

Two Drawings by Jimmy Wright
41 Wright 01 Body

Two untitled drawings of sunflowers on telephone book paper, by Jimmy Wright.

Untitled by Leonardo Drew
41 Drew 01 Body

Mixed media painting, Untitled, by Leonardo Drew.

I Live in the Past by Pamela Glick
41 Glick Body

An oil on canvas painting, titled I Live in the Past, by Pamela Glick.

Beach Chair With Wings by Carol Jacque
41 Jacque Body

A sculpture of walkers and ace bandages, titled Beach Chair With Wings, by Carol Jacque.

Poetry and Architecture, Architecture and Poetry by John Hejduk

Dedication speeches by David Shapiro and John Hejduk to honor Jan Palach and for President Havel, September 4, 1991.

Watchman’s Meadow by Gregory Crane
41 Crane Body

Oil painting on linen, titled Watchman’s Meadow, by Gregory Crane.