BOMB 40 Summer 1992

040 Summer 1992
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Louis Kahn by Carlos Brillembourg
Louis Kahn 01 Bomb 040

“It’s impossible to anticipate the future, but it is possible to anticipate the lasting quality in what you do today!” Louis Kahn

Camille Billops by Ameena Meer
Billops 01 Body
Neal Jimenez by Eric Stoltz
40 Jiminez 01 Body
George Condo by Anney Bonney
Condo 01 Body

George Condo’s revelatory paintings span the centuries between Madness and Beauty.

Joe Mantello by Nicole Burdette
Mantello 01 Body
Reno by Linda Yablonsky
Reno 01 Body
Darius James by Christian Haye
James Darius Bomb 040
Derek Walcott by Caryl Phillips
Walcott 01 Body

“It’s a physical act of severance to become a citizen of another country. You can’t have dual citizenship, really. If I become an American by a change of passport, I become something that I’m not prepared to become.” Derek Walcott

Michael Jenkins by Bill Arning
Jenkins 01 Body
First Proof
The Poet by Lakdasa Wikkramasinha

Poem by Lakdasa Wikkramasinha—for the Sri Lankan Poetry portfolio. 

The Four Horsemen of Avenue B by Ed Vega

If you ever saw them together, which people in Alphabet City could not help doing since the four spent every waking hour and some sleeping ones in each other’s company, you would come to the incontrovertible conclusion that in their case civilization had gone astray in its socialization process and having deviated so drastically perhaps stopped by the side of the road to make amends and give them, as would a benevolent welfare system, rudimentary instructions on behavior among members of the human race. 

Sri Lankan Poetry by Indran Amirthanayagam

What follows is a small selection of modern poetry from Sri Lanka—a selection designed for some imaginary capsule, to be packed in with the American Beats, the librarian Larkin, Neruda the Captain, Paz the writer of silences, Popa the puppeteer, and Plath and Bishop and Walcott and, of course, many others.

Crocodile Tears by Liza Béar

Once upon a time there was a man who did not have something and there was a woman who had something.

Three Poems by Sandra Cisneros

This article is only available in print.

I. by Sivaramani

In the evenings
all burdens
weigh heavy

Benjamine by Angela Himsel

Benjamin, love beyond loves; my obsession, my object, object of my obsession; oh wordless lust, philosophical disorder.

Sweetness and Light by Clark Blaise

I have looked into the face of love, and it is black. 

Writing In the Air by R. Charan

There are too few words
and in them
an immense silence is frozen.

Two Poems by Guy Amirthanayagam

Two poems, “To My Autistic Son, Revantha” and “Return to Sri Lanka, 1991” by Guy Amirthanayagam—for the Sri Lankan Poetry portfolio. 

Three Poems by Cory Brown


Last year’s cattails stand mummy-like

To White Knight (MK11) by Reggie Siriwardena

Poem by Reggie Siriwardeena from the three poem series Three Variations for Cassia—included in the Sri Lankan Poetry portfolio.

Animal Crackers by Richard de Zoysa

“Draw me a lion.”
So I set my pen

Van by David Rattray

In the spring of 1957, some cronies and I had a supper club in the dining room of the Green Lantern, an inn on the edge of Hanover, New Hampshire, where I was a student in my senior year at Dartmouth. 

Nallur by Jean Arasanayagam

Poem by Jean Arasanayagam—from the Sri Lankan Poetry portfolio. 

Boy’s House by Patty Martori
40 Martori1 Body

Three untitled slides, from the Boys’ House project, by Patty Martori. 

R310 and R311 by Carl Fudge
40 Fudge1 Body
Craig Gholson, 1951–1992
Bomb 40 Gholson Body

Beloved, Beloved, Beloved by all who knew him, friends and associates in the theater, art and literary worlds, dearly respected by his fellow writers and editors. He will be missed and loved forever and ever …

Erasure Series by Gary Simmons
Gary Simmons 01 Bomb 040

Two wall drawings, from the Erasure Series, by Gary Simmons.

Adam and Eve in Therapy by Judith Shea
40 Judithshea1 Body

Two paintings of gouache and ink on paper, titled Adam and Eve in Therapy, by Judith Shea.

Two Paintings by Katharine Kuharic
Katharine Kuharic 01 Bomb 040

Two paintings, watercolor on paper and oil on linen, titled The Artist, and Prick, by Katharine Kuharic.

Four Paintings by Marilyn Minter
40 Minter1 Homepage

Four enamel paintings on metal, titled LipserviceFun House Mirror (White Series One)Cherrys, and Glory Hole, by Marilyn Minter.

Metropolitan III by Matthew Radford
Matthew Radford Bomb 40

Oil painting by Matthew Radford.