BOMB 4 Fall 1982

004 Summer Fall 1982
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Michael McClard by Betsy Sussler
Mcclard 01

Painter Michael McClard talks with Betsy Sussler about his work, which focuses on mythology and the stars.

Paul Bowles by David Seidner
Bowles 02

Novelist, translator and editor Paul Bowles tells David Seidner about his literary career and life, spanning the greater part of the 20th century: working with Tennessee Williams, moments with Gertrude Stein, and a distaste for Wagner.

Clinton Street: Olivier Mosset and Fred Brathwaite
930991106 03242015 Mosset Brathwaite 01 Bomb 004

Olivier Mosset’s monochrome paintings became figurative walls for graffiti artist Fred Brathwaite. The two artists discuss their work’s purposeful and inherent intersections in “Clinton Street.”

Georgia Marsh by Betsy Sussler

Finding pleasure in the color and order of the grid, painter Georgia Marsh speaks with Betsy Sussler about art as a means of description and finding rhythm in the world around us.

Duncan Hannah by Simon Lane
Hannah 01 Body

Saturday, August 14, 1982. I have come to Duncan Hannah’s apartment in the Upper West Side. I have met him once before, briefly. He appears to be a man attuned to the inevitability of eclecticism in the modern artist.

First Proof
Evening by Barry Yourgrau

A girl sits in her room by the window, which is open to the evening. She is robed demurely in white.

The White Shirt by Burt Barr
Cy Twombly

The evening before the wedding I drove out to Eastern Long Island.

I.T.I.L.O.E. by Constance DeJong
​Richard Beckett 01

The following are abridged sections from a longer work of the same title which comprises Book 1 of the novel, At Night.

Baltimore 1969 by Cookie Mueller
Walter Robinson 01

I was shopping for Kielbasa, but it was the end of the day for the butchers at the A and P, and they were breaking down the meat section, so I settled for a package of frozen Jones Breakfast Links.

Now Here Nowhere by Craig Gholson

I know he’s here somewhere. Somewhere he’s here. I sit and wait for him in a lonely place in a lonely town. Sometimes I go looking for him, but mostly I sit and wait. I’m sitting and waiting. Now. Here. Nowhere.

Principia Martindale by Edward Swift
Edward Swift Bomb 04

Principia Martindale often stood in at the foot of his grave and wondered what it must have been like to have lived in the presence of such an inspired man of God.

Pillow Talk by Gary Indiana

Oh Melissa stop it. Don’t be an evil bunny, Claude tells Melissa Dogg.

Is It Hemingway Or Is It Memorex by Glenn O'Brien
Lucio Pozzi 01 Bomb 004

In much the same way that painting changed with the development of photography, writing has changed with the development of the tape recorder. 

Some Photographs and Brian by Jane Warrick
Pat Steir 01 Body

I have to sneak off soon with my camera, when it’s dark, to take those pictures of buildings I’ve been promising myself.

D.S. Part II of Desire, A Play by Kathy Acker

6. Sitting here I see through the glass restaurant door, a three-foot wide rivulet of black water, flowing, now stagnant, against cobblestones, each one slightly apart from the ones surrounding it. 

Entrapment by Liza Béar
​Ellen Cooper

Signs of disbelief.

Summer 1980 by Luc Sante

Somewhere between goodnight and goodbye, you realize something that boils down to talk. 

Words Without Pictures by Lynne Tillman

I. Everything was going wrong. 

Donkey Work by Matthew Fleury

The Peeper was up early, right on schedule. 

Harry At Work by Michael Kozlowski

Bloodshot eyes scan the face reflected in the mirror on the medicine chest. “Oh, baby,” whispers a raspy voice, “what have you done now?”

Untitled Story by Mindy Stevenson

Here I am. 

The First Poem I Ever Wrote by Peter Schjeldahl

It was the last day of filth grade, 1953. 

Nervous and Joking Joseph by Richard Elovich
​Liz Cash

Joseph Burke said there is something special between Lucy and me: as if we are brother and sister; the parents left us in the house once, never returned: and we are living on in the house doing clever things. 

Gray Pants by Rosemary Moore
​Jean Michel Basquiat

Today was the worst. 

The Concertina Earring by Simon Lane

I was sorting out some things the other day and came across a plastic bag.

The Hour of the Fey by Terence Sellers

Of what kind was my infirmity?

Artists on Artists
Susan Rothenberg by Mary Heilmann
​Susan Rothenberg 01

An exhibition of the work of Susan Rothenberg, one time proto-punk and current mistress of the iconography of angst, will occur at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam this fall. 

Un Tour D’Horizon by Richard Armstrong
​Mary Heilmann 01

The stigma currently upon abstract painting is such that it must either be deserved, or, as some argue, proof that abstraction was a century-long anomaly in the course of modern art, and exhausted.

Michael Alfe and Dru Kim
Michael Alfe 01

Michael Alfe, a young San Francisco painter, paints pompadoured youths who wander in perspectivally twisted interior-exterior spaces vomiting crystaline lines of jewel-like paint. 

Editor's Choice
Two Videotapes by Mark Magill
Mark Magill

A scientific comedy about helium, buoyancy, nuclear fusion, and lighter than air travel.

Lizbeth Marano, Louisa Chase, Jan Hashey, Elizabeth Pardi, Jenny Snider, Guy Goodwin, Mitch Fox, Kristen Huntley, Terry Winters, Moira Dryer, V. Alzamora, Bob Gober by Elizabeth Murray

Twelve works (oil paintings and sculptures, including one of bread mold by Kristen Huntley) by provocative, then up-and-coming artists assembled by Elizabeth Murray.

Altar of Good Fortune by Jack Barth
4 Jackbarth Body
Graffiti by Kiely Jenkins
Article 3439 4  Kiely Jenkins
Terminal Bar by Jane Dickson
4 Janedickson Body
Agony of the Feet by Jean Michel Basquiat
​Jean Michel Basquiat
Untitled Sculpture by Robert Hudson
Article 161 4  Robert Hudson
#45 by Robert Mangold
Article 162 4  Robert Mangold
It was Very Hot the Day I Decided to Wash the Car… by Jessica Lenard
4 Jessicalenard Body
Two Paintings by Robin Bruch

Two acrylic paintings, Dresser Set and Sukio, by Robin Bruch.

Round #13 by Joe Zucker
Article 127 4  Joe Zucker
Shitting and Laughing by Ross Bleckner

Detail of Shitting and Laughing by Ross Bleckner.

Burnt Umber by John Egner
Article 128 4  John Egner
Devil’s Gate on the Sweetwater after 1870… by Shelley Kaplan

Acrylic and wax painting by Shelley Kaplan.

Regular Painting #33 by John Ford
Article 129 4  John Ford 02
Monk and Bedding by Stephen Mueller

Acrylic painting with raw pigment on canvas, Monk and Bedding by Stephen Mueller.

Untitled Painting by Terry Winters

Untitled painting, oil on canvas, by Terry Winters.

O.B. by Tom Butter
Moondance #2 by Abbott Burns
4 Abbottburns Body

Oil painting of a two car pile up, Moondance #2 by Abbott Burns.

Skellital Sea by Adolf Benca
Benca 1
Cruciform with Red Marks by John Torreano
Article 130 4  John Torreano
Bwana’s Night by Jonathan Lasker
Article 131 4  Jonathan Lasker
Cathexsis 48 by Joseph Kosuth
Joseph Kosuth
Julian Schnabel, Installation at Mary Boone Gallery by Alan Kleinberg
Julian Schnabel installation
Keith Haring by Tseng Kwong Chi

Photograph by Tseng Kwong Chi of Keith Haring creating a subway drawing.

Still Life by Kevin Larmon
Article 135 4  Kevin Larmon
Two Paintings by Walter Robinson

Kitty Foyle and Untitled by Walter Robinson.

Anya Phillips by Walter Steding

Oil on canvas portrait of Anya Phillips by Walter Steding.

Four Drawings by William Wegman

Four untitled ink drawings by William Wegman.

Untitled by Kit Grover
Article 137 4  Kit Grover
For Djuna Barnes by Lan Payne
Article 139 4  Lan Payne
Veil Portraits by Alf Young
4 Alfyoung Body

Alf Young makes portraits by suspending, one at a time, several lengths of sheer fabric in front of his subject.

Untitled Painting by Betsy Berne
4 Betsyberne Body
Bobbie Oliver by Mimi Thompson
Article 4804 ​Bobbie Oliver

Working for Isamu Noguchi in the 1980s, Bobbie Oliver saw the time this artist took to study a stone before altering it in any way.

Archaic Head by Brett DePalma
4 Brettdipalma Body
Jack Rabbit by Cara Perlman
4 Carapearlman Body